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Is Your Government A Narcissist?

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First of all, I apologize. Writing is a craft that takes ample time to do well, but I live in time and society that necessitates swift communication. The two don't go well together. I'm a single father who also looks after his elderly father, so there will be some grammatical mistakes, as well as composition related ones. Please endure with me through a semi edited writing.


There's a reporter who's controversial Tucker Carlson. I couldn't tell you why he's controversial, I just know that he is by how people talk about him.

I also heard that Tucker Carlson is on the "far right".

In our ZANY society, if you identify as the opposing party, in this case that would be "the left", it is almost socially mandatory that an individual express negativity for that person. Because if you don't someone might look at you suspiciously.


There's a personality disorder call "Narcissist". They come in a couple of flavors.
Tucker Carlson has decided to go to Russia and interview Vladimir Putin. Tucker is a reporter, he wants to go to Russia and get Putin's take on what's going on in the world.

For this Carlson has been criticized, and even has had his life threatened by American allies. Just for going to talk to Putin.

NARCISSIST TACTIC: When you're with a narcissist, one of their tactics is to separate people in their lives. They don't want people talking to each other, because they've told each person a different version of "reality". - For example, let's say it's a husband and wife. The wife is the narcissist. She goes to Yoga, and tells everyone how awful her husband is, but her husband is actually a very kind person. She gains sympathy and allegiance from the Yoga group, and they in turn, turn their nose up at the husband when they see him.

The outrage that I see from individuals and organizations for Tucker going to interview Putin reminds me of that narcissistic quality. By no means do the powers that be want you to even think about going to talk to the person that they told you is awn awful, evil (unlike them), no good human.

Going to speak to them could break the narcissists narrative.

Side note: This is similar to how The West and Israel treat talking to Palestinians, there are seldom to never rational Palestinian voices, in the first person on Western media. It's always "Josh Smith says (in a southern twang) 'Now ya, see. What the Palestinians want is...'". They don't allow a Palestinian to speak directly.


Aren't you tired of this?

There are some people whose senior citizen card was awarded to them a long time ago in offices around the world. Some of these leaders are more lucid than others. Do they understand that the internet as it currently is makes it virtually impossible to do corrupt shit in the dark? Do they understand that they can't tell so-and-so one thing, and tell someone else something different and not have those two communicate about it

Hindsight is 20/20. When you look back at war history, you can see that the most influential leaders in our past and their crew made huge miscalculations, and you wonder "How could they have missed that?" Sometimes it boils down to something as simple as mass delusion within their faction, due to an arrogance built over the course of constantly winning. Or, to put it another way, they underestimate their "enemy".

There are also huge holes that went unaccounted for. I'll give you an example. The leaders of Nazi Germany, as proficient that their engineers were. As meticulous as their war planners were. They somehow missed that calculation that the whole world would be appalled and hate them for what they did.
In their frenzy of power, and whatever injections Hitlers was taking (or not). Their arrogance was sufficient enough to blind them.


What other traits of a narcissist can you spot in your government? Definitely "Gaslighting". 

Learn more about narcissist and see if you can spot more traits:


 P.S. According to the Bible, God commanded the Israelites to completely destroy the Amalekites and their memory from the earth. ¹²³⁴

--- When You're dealing with a narcissist every accusation is a confession.


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