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I See Stars!

Here is an example of some stars . Here is an example of star s that were made by man. M an has taken the stars out of the sky and put them into logos. The star symbol is one of the most used symbols on earth. Some things stars are used to represent are Movie Stars , Four Star Generals , Police , Nations , States , and Star Ratings to name a few. People today could have assigned anything to represent power, appeal, quality, and value to something, yet they chose stars and stardom out of all things. For example... This is a five star blog! Not five trees, or five rocks, nor water jugs, or jade pieces even, but STARS! Ancient civilizations like Mayans and Egyptians studied stars with as much enthusiasm as people today study celebrities who are deemed as "stars". The suns position in the sky, our closest star, when measured indicates the yearly cycle. Many living organisms on earth have adapted to earths astronomical cycles like Butterflies, June Bugs, Bears, an