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Integrity Keeps the Cloth We're Made Of

The above image is the interior of a battleship. I looked for a free stock photo for this post, but didn't have much time. The pic is cool as hell nonetheless. I n case you haven't heard. Donald Trump is the president of the worlds foremost military power. I'm certainly generally Left of Center when it comes to politics. The rundown for what's happened the past couple of months goes like this. 1. Trump won the election, 2. The Left lost their shit while The Right kept their Trump signs in their yard for well-after the election. 3. Protests and some riots broke out. People were protesting Trump in general, and his administration's travel ban. 4. From here, it looks like The Left all of a sudden hates Russia. And my last point is why I'm writing this. I thought we wanted to be friends with Russia? I don't know Putin. I don't know Trump, Hillary, or any politician really (But I felt I knew Bernie Sanders due to the integrity of his record,