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Singing Is for the Mainstream Now

  I t seems that singing is uncool, and   singers who know how to really  sing are often categorized as "Mainstream" at this point in music/industry. I'm talking about singers who can really belt out notes. It also seems what's regarded as more "real", soulful, "artistic" singing comes from singers who cant really sing, maybe even singers who seem to be merely whispering into the microphone while recording their Indie album. Or, even singers who sound decent in the studio, but horrible when performing for live audiences. Do I even know what I'm talking about? Yes. Yes I do. Check it... Take these guys for example. The guy in the first video is "Dan McCaffert" from the 70's Scottish rock band Nazareth. In this song "Love Hurts" he's really singing, belting it out. That muthaf**ker says LOVE HURTS! And, you can tell he means it . In the second video is singer "Lou Gramm" from the 80's band Fore