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Alex Jones and the Nefarious Government

[Disclaimer: This is my blog, thus I upload my writings here without much proofreading. However, I do come back and edit my entries to make them more clear and get to the heart of what I'm trying to say in each.] Status: Unfinished (edit 2) It’s dawned on some of us that Alex Jones is playing a role in his 24/7 conspiracy work. For some people it’s always been obvious, but I can’t say that for myself. I discovered one of his 9/11 documentaries around 2003. It was alarming. It was a time on the internet where major long-standing notions and institutions were having their veil lifted, or were at least being questioned. I fell for it. It was a compelling narrative. Hell, a hefty section of the population fell for it. But, I fell off the wagon a year or two after entertaining anything produced by Alex Jones when I found a blatant shaping of narrative on his part in one of his inside job “documentaries”. He had edited a news clip in a way that made it say the total opposite of