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Alex Jones and the Nefarious Government

[Disclaimer: This is my blog, thus I upload my writings here without much proofreading. However, I do come back and edit my entries to make them more clear and get to the heart of what I'm trying to say in each.] Status: Unfinished (edit 2) It’s dawned on some of us that Alex Jones is playing a role in his 24/7 conspiracy work. For some people it’s always been obvious, but I can’t say that for myself. I discovered one of his 9/11 documentaries around 2003. It was alarming. It was a time on the internet where major long-standing notions and institutions were having their veil lifted, or were at least being questioned. I fell for it. It was a compelling narrative. Hell, a hefty section of the population fell for it. But, I fell off the wagon a year or two after entertaining anything produced by Alex Jones when I found a blatant shaping of narrative on his part in one of his inside job “documentaries”. He had edited a news clip in a way that made it say the total opposite of

Yearning for Problems

My spouse is a mental health counselor, so that means I partially live in a world where mental health problems are constantly focused on. After having lived in this environment for three years, I've come to realize that I don't have any mental health issues. I would have said that timidly two and a half years ago, but I'm more certain of this today than ever, and I can't emphasize enough at how bold of a claim that is in a room full of therapists. It's almost an invitation for them to prod you. Thus, I've only said this out loud twice. I was looking at /r/preppers on reddit. It's a forum, and the topic is being prepared for when a part or all of society breaks down for whatever reason. There's something about survival situations that many are attracted to, which is ironic because we live in a fairly well-oiled machine. It's comfortable most of the time, and things work predictably. But, tying this into mental health. For most of human history our

Music In the 21st Century

I heard someone say they're tired of hearing musicians say "There's nothing good being produced anymore." I'm guilty of this to a degree. Albeit, I've usually loved about one album per year, historically. I don't mind that, as long as I LOVE at least one (and of course not that I heard them all) What I've found increasing since 2007 is the feeling coming through new songs. As I give them a-go I've found myself thinking "This is written as if they know it's not going to last." There's a feeling of half-assery, that they know it's ephemeral (especially when it comes to lyrics). And I don't blame them if that's the case, because personally I find it harder to excellently craft a song that listeners are going to chew, love, and spit out within a week. However... I've found a bright side to this. My music is getting further away from pop-music standards. Since, after listening to Melanie De Biasio's Blackene

The Most Complex Casino

I t's possible that I don't know what I'm talking about concerning this, but when it comes to politics it's possible that nobody , not even those who originate policy know what they're talking about concerning its real world implications—as it seems that any policy will have unintended consequences for some group of people or other. Nonetheless, the overall tone of the Trump administration seems old-fashion in a not good way. Its idea of bringing back coal jobs like it's 1930. And, the notion that one man is gonna waltz in there like a fast talking 1950's Hudsucker style entrepreneur and revamp the whole thing like it's a casino seems out of touch. Towards the onset of the 21st century, many people online were discussing globalization as a bad thing, meanwhile those who were for it seemed to be the wealthy business and political magnates. Now, the populous seems about 50/50 on it. From my perspective, it also appears that the concept of Glob

Ridiculous Politics

(And Social Media) (Image unrelated. Screw you guys, I don't have time.) When George W. Bush was president I felt like I was locked in a Texas saloon, in a small town, and W was being belligerent to everyone, but I couldn't do anything about it because he was the son of the town mayor. - As it goes with these things, I'm sure that if I ran into him today and conversed he'd seem like an OK guy. When you meet people who've been written and talked about, seldom are they the boogieman that the media made them out to be. You can say "Hi" and chat with your opposition party neighbor just fine, so long as you guys don't talk about politics. The Bush years were my introduction to politics in media, before then, I didn't care. Those years were also the first to have the internet going at full force. Social media was already born, and more-and-more newspapers were taking to the internet. Within those years I saw millions protest war

Integrity Keeps the Cloth We're Made Of

The above image is the interior of a battleship. I looked for a free stock photo for this post, but didn't have much time. The pic is cool as hell nonetheless. I n case you haven't heard. Donald Trump is the president of the worlds foremost military power. I'm certainly generally Left of Center when it comes to politics. The rundown for what's happened the past couple of months goes like this. 1. Trump won the election, 2. The Left lost their shit while The Right kept their Trump signs in their yard for well-after the election. 3. Protests and some riots broke out. People were protesting Trump in general, and his administration's travel ban. 4. From here, it looks like The Left all of a sudden hates Russia. And my last point is why I'm writing this. I thought we wanted to be friends with Russia? I don't know Putin. I don't know Trump, Hillary, or any politician really (But I felt I knew Bernie Sanders due to the integrity of his record,