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The Religion of Money

   Whenever I read that some team of scientists have found a possible cure for a disease, but can’t pull it off due to how much money it will cost. I try to imagine a physical or even a moral barrier in their way, but I can’t. I can however imagine a figurative obstacle, but it’s invisible, and in truth doesn’t exist. So, the dominan t world culture is held back by an invisible being, by a lacking of something invented by humans themselves. Does that remind you of anything? I play music at a proton center from time to time, and it seems that this cancer treatment is reserved for patients with a lot of money, or those with a certain type of insurance due to how expensive the treatment is. And, the part that gets me every time this idea occurs, is then I notice how it even gets under the radar of scientists, who are supposed to be empiricists. And, it gets by business magnates. Because, they take the monetary cost of something as a fact of life, as a law of the unive

Being "White" Is Optional

There is no white race. Somebody just made it up. It’s a huge umbrella of cultures from Europe and other parts of the world. But, I often wonder, does a person who throws themselves under the umbrella of “white” in some way take credit for the accomplishments of someone like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or Steve Jobs? Do they say to themselves. “Yes, that’s one of us/I’m one of them”. Meanwhile, they look at someone from a minority group and say “Oh, look at them. They’re not one of us. If only they had an Elon Musk.” You can pick and choose who’s “white”. You can decide to exclude Hitler, but include Carl Sagan into the identity narrative. Exclude Stalin, but include Einstein. However, when you’re “Black” in America you don’t have the option of opting out, or being opted out. You wake up that way, and only that way. Racism in America is ultimately about how people look. And, there are college educated people who will say about discrimination “But, it’s always bee