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Open Eyes

It's difficult to manage contradictions It's distressing to see data that contradicts your beliefs It takes courage to challenge your assumptions It takes humility to acknowledge your human fallibility, and change your mind. I argue that you've not opened your eyes to the fullest without this. I've found that people run from ambiguity, and that the desire to escape ambiguity is a strong and hidden source for addiction, dogma, and procrastination.    
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Closed Open Minds

     To be open minded means that you entertain all arguments. ALL of them. That's when you realize that many people who told you that they're open minded are actually not, because they'll judge you for listening to an opposing political argument, or for lending an ear to someone from another religion. I think that it's a mistake to think that we can all like each other sometime in the future. That would require a considerable amount of hegemony, and that's the opposite of freedom, that's the opposite of open mindedness. Freedom isn't rainbows and unicorns, freedom is complex and can be dangerous, and scary. In the woods, an armadillo wanders off into the road, and someone else's freedom paved a road, and ran right over it while freely traveling from one city to another. Perhaps, the root of many of our social issues has to do with the inability to sit with discomfort. The way that tribesmen had to sleep, with bears, and lions, or giant ants, and snakes

Is Your Government A Narcissist?

  First of all, I apologize. Writing is a craft that takes ample time to do well, but I live in time and society that necessitates swift communication. The two don't go well together. I'm a single father who also looks after his elderly father, so there will be some grammatical mistakes, as well as composition related ones. Please endure with me through a semi edited writing. UNO There's a reporter who's controversial Tucker Carlson. I couldn't tell you why he's controversial, I just know that he is by how people talk about him. I also heard that Tucker Carlson is on the "far right". In our ZANY society, if you identify as the opposing party, in this case that would be "the left", it is almost socially mandatory that an individual express negativity for that person. Because if you don't someone might look at you suspiciously. DOS There's a personality disorder call "Narcissist" . They come in a couple of flavors. Tucker Car

School and Home School

  Oh my. I don't have time to write this. So it will be as follows:   1. What is school for? I think that Seth has a good grasp on this at the bottom, see [1] 2. There's an ongoing debate about homeschooling vs. public schooling. 3. I agree with most things about home schooling. Which is why I take the view that my kids are home schooled 5 days a week, from 3pm to 9pm, on the weekends, and all of their vacation time. 4. Home schooling should feel like art, it's enjoyable (largely), so don't worry about overloading the tone of "school" in it. 5. Everyone's situation is different: (a) Some of us have checks coming to us from the government that give us all day to do as we please. (b) Some of us have to work long hours every day to survive. (c) Some of us have a spouse that gives us all day to do with as we please. (d) Some of us are the spouse that gives the other all day to do as they please. etc. 6. Thus, our ideals aren't applicable to everyone. 7. Th

Masters of All

  The tragedy in people who become influential and start a podcast is that they think that their expertise transfers to a host of other topics. Jordan Peterson is definitely an expert when it comes to psychology, and he has some beneficial philosophies. However, him, like Joe Rogan (Although Joe Rogan repeatedly admits that he's 'just a comedian but with like a billion people listening to his podcast) who hosts guest that make dubious and sensational claims, Jordan thinks that he's got the lowdown on politics, and other fields of science. We've definitely reached a point in podcasting where it's at least the beginning of podcasters becoming the mainstream media. Judging by how many podcasters refer to the mainstream media, you'd think that FOX and CNN would have substantial influence, but when was the last time that you watched either of those? (Unless you're 53+ as their demographic has been older since I started counting in 2003.) People with Podcasts that

Does Art Necessitate Mental Unrest?

Music alone is not enough And being a film director is too much It's usually the case that there's nothing that I want to say badly enough to put myself through the labor. There was a time when I really wanted to say something, and I did. But, mental well being, in a way, quells the desire to express myself through art. Something about art has been about me not being seen enough, good enough, or just enough period. Feeling like enough kills the drive to express yourself in what David Bowie once called "such rarefied terms". I still make music, I still record music, almost never finish it, and share it with others even less. There's more to me than being a musician. I do have a love for it, but I need more. I always hated math, I've grown curious about it, and have gotten substantially better. The pandemic compelled me to become a roof salesman and to get my insurance adjusters license. I still laugh at that, but nothing is wasted. Transferable knowledge is tak

Downton Abbey

  The U.K. Version   There's a moment in every episode of Downton Abbey where one of the characters say something that reveals something profound about themselves. For example, from the very first episode Carson, the butler, is talking with the head housekeeper, Mrs Hughes. They talk about how the owners of the estate in which they live and work, are under threat, and their exchange goes like this: MRS HUGHES You mustn't take it personally. MR CARSON Oh, I do take it personally, Mrs Hughes. I can't stand by and watch our family threatened with the loss of all they hold dear. MRS HUGHES (chuckles) They're not our family. MR CARSON Well, they're all the family I've got. [Mrs Hughes is surprised and humbled by his sharp sincerity.] MR CARSON ( Apologetically ) I beg your pardon. MRS HUGHES Do you...ever wish you'd...gone another way? [Carson looks up sharply.] MRS HUGHES continues... Worked in a shop or a factory? Had a wife and children? MR CARSON Do you? MRS