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Fictional Company Cycling Teams

Me being a bicycling enthusiast and also a fan of science fiction, I decided to slap together images of cycling jerseys from fictional companies featured in movies. (Select images for larger view.) Stark Industries from the film Iron Man. The Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil. Arepture Laboratories from Portal. And, this one I found. A TRON cycling outfit.

Los Tigres Del Norte - At the Morocco Shrine Auditorium, Jacksonville, FL.

I went to Los Tigres del Norte show last night. They opened up their show by walking out one by one as they played La Banda Del Carro Rojo . They “rocked” the house like the superstars they are, and they were super classy. It was easy to notice the groups genuine love for their fans. They were generous with their time and audience interaction. Their show was lengthy, and they played all the songs the audience wanted to hear. 3/4ths of the way into the show they took requests from the audience on everything from napkins, cowboy hats, bandanas, and even on cellphones handed to them, and they’d hand them back.   It seemed Los Tigres Del Norte took note of who their audience was mostly comprised of, and their situations. I looked around and noticed all the indigenous facial structures, and how happy everyone was to be there. The band verbally never let the audience forget how they, and the audience are the “same” people, people of humble beginnings, and how honored they w

My Adventures In Film Scoring - Part II

(At Cummer Museum of Art for the Miradas project.) So right towards the end of scoring California Winter , which was my first feature film score ever, and one of the most difficult tasks I've ever taken on, musically. I was asked to make the soundtrack for a short film, The Convert. The movie was filmed on location in Jacksonville, FL with the purpose of promoting "Bike (Bicycle) Month". Starting once again from a completely "blank canvas", sonically. It took me about eight hours to complete the soundtrack for The Convert. I did this over the course of two or three days. Ride'em vaquero! ●

My Adventures In Film Scoring

I got a final copy of California Winter today. Color mastered, audio mastered, and finished version of the film. This is the only feature film I know of (that isn't a documentary) about the Housing Crisis in America. The movie addresses the home foreclosures which happened to millions of families across the nation from the perspective of a Mexican-American family in Los Angeles, CA. The movie was filmed on location in Los Angeles, and is in 25% Spanish, with subtitles. Here are three samples of the film score/soundtrack: Behind the scenes of the score and soundtrack: Here are two versions of the opening piece of music, not used in the final cut. The second (Latin style) piece of music in "Americana and Latin" was used, but the director and producers decided on something more appropriate that I composed for the opening of the movie. Some pictures from the movie's Stills Set: Marcy (Rutina Wesley), and lead character Clara Morales (E

Space Stuff

(Click images for full view, or 'right-click' and 'view in new tab' for an even bigger view.) Mars Curiosity Rover Panoramic image of Mars from Curiosity Rover Two crescents: Venus and The Moon East Coast by night, from the ISS (International Space Station) Japans satellite Hinode captures Venus beginning its transit Artists concept: If planet Mars was terraformed Astronaut Don Pettit took this picture while on the ISS (equivalent exposure of 23.5 minutes) As two Antennae galaxies collide billions of stars are born Fictional Space Station ●

Religious People vs. the LGBT Community

I do my best to stay out of the Religious People vs. the LGBT community discussion, simply because I find the whole questioning of peoples rights in this case  completely ridiculous , and a collosal waste of time in a world where we have lot's of important work to do that's unrelated to what people are doing in their bedroom, which is none of your business  in the first place. Recently, a debacle happened which dragged the LGBT community into it, and a fairly popular chicken restaurant in the U.S. I call this restaurant Gay-fil-A, because now every time I see their logo anywhere I think of gay people. So, self-righteous religious people in The South went out in drones (the way religious people tend to do), and bought chicken sandwiches for Jesus. I think it was for Jesus, or for the Bible which Jesus is in, you can't have one without the other. (Here's a picture of this)  I bet you Jesus was  tripping out that these people were supporting the horrible slaughter of

Why I love riding my bicycle, and how it benefits us all.

Me on my bike means one less car on the road so you can get to where you’re going faster, and If I happen to be pedaling in-front of you on a narrow road, and slowing your car down, that lasts no more than a minute, at most. It’s good for the environment, and at the same time good for my health. I can cut across empty parking lots. :-) I can ride on the sidewalk if I wish. :-) I can easily stop and talk to someone I see, unlike in a car I usually just wave, maybe roll my window down and yell something. But, I can usually only wave.  The freedom commuting by bicycle represents to me is enormous . I can ride across town and when I get to my destination I’m not tired (this took some practice). When I get there all I need is a glass of water. And, the more I ride the more it feels like I can cross an entire state using this mode of transportation. If something should go wrong with my bike, a flat, a spoke on a wheel breaks, etc. I can fix almost anything with relative ease on the spot