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Closed Open Minds

     To be open minded means that you entertain all arguments. ALL of them. That's when you realize that many people who told you that they're open minded are actually not, because they'll judge you for listening to an opposing political argument, or for lending an ear to someone from another religion. I think that it's a mistake to think that we can all like each other sometime in the future. That would require a considerable amount of hegemony, and that's the opposite of freedom, that's the opposite of open mindedness. Freedom isn't rainbows and unicorns, freedom is complex and can be dangerous, and scary. In the woods, an armadillo wanders off into the road, and someone else's freedom paved a road, and ran right over it while freely traveling from one city to another. Perhaps, the root of many of our social issues has to do with the inability to sit with discomfort. The way that tribesmen had to sleep, with bears, and lions, or giant ants, and snakes