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Is Your Government A Narcissist?

  First of all, I apologize. Writing is a craft that takes ample time to do well, but I live in time and society that necessitates swift communication. The two don't go well together. I'm a single father who also looks after his elderly father, so there will be some grammatical mistakes, as well as composition related ones. Please endure with me through a semi edited writing. UNO There's a reporter who's controversial Tucker Carlson. I couldn't tell you why he's controversial, I just know that he is by how people talk about him. I also heard that Tucker Carlson is on the "far right". In our ZANY society, if you identify as the opposing party, in this case that would be "the left", it is almost socially mandatory that an individual express negativity for that person. Because if you don't someone might look at you suspiciously. DOS There's a personality disorder call "Narcissist" . They come in a couple of flavors. Tucker Car