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Vegan, Vegetarian, Organics, and Food

● A vegan is someone who refrains from consuming animals and their excretions, and some vegans refrain from using any animal products in anything or wearing clothing made from animals.  Vegetarians consume dairy, but don't eat meat.  Organic food is food in its more natural state.  Food is defined by the individual, and what one person calls food isn't what another may call food.  Whenever the topic of food quality and food choices comes up in my daily life I always remember how privileged I am that I can entertain such choosiness when it comes to food. The vast majority of the world doesn't have enough to eat, or has meager choices of food readily available to them. The latter is also true for the society I live in. One time while standing behind a lady at the grocery store checkout I noticed the difference between her food choices, and what I had on my side of the divider. My side had mostly produce, and her side had mostly boxes and p