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I Don't Know What to Eat

    Disclaimer: I'll proof read and edit this blog post at a later date. Remember Noni juice? What ever happened to that? I thought that that was it. If you bought Noni juice you had bought the ultimate health elixir. I worked at a health food store at the peak of the Noni craze (Blockbuster video still existed and Pier 1 Imports was the shit ). People were buying it by the cases. Pompous assholes mostly, as I recall.     Some people had even become vendors themselves and had a magnet on their car door that said something like “I sell Noni Juice.” But, then. Everyone forgot about that, and it became all about about Acai. The Acai berry it was. “This is like the stock market.” I thought. Someone says buy and everybody buys. I was like “Hey! What happened to the Noni Juice?” People were eating Acai berries by the handfuls, berry juice running down their arms and off their elbows. They were putting it in yogurt, they were drinking Acai juice. People were buying it by the cases