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Media Literacy

Below you will find important links I've gathered to jump-start your understanding of Media Literacy. M edia is like a food you consume through your eyes and ears. It's good to know what that food is made of. Are you aware... There are fewer voices, as media ownership is consolidated in the hands of fewer than 10 wealthy individuals and global corporations News bias and public relations spin  (YouTube link for a film on modern -> " spin ") Violence is packaged as entertainment Children and teens are targeted by corporate advertisers Digital photo and film manipulation Media effects on community and personal relationships Media literacy is the ability to sift through and analyze the messages that inform, entertain and sell to us every day. It's the ability to bring critical thinking skills to bear on all media— from news, music videos, and Web environments to "product placement" in films and virtual display

The Matrix As Philosophy

" W h at is T he M at rix ? " T he Matrix represents all teachings, beliefs, and rituals in our lives that have no intrinsic value. It also represents things that we are "programmed" with, things that are passed from generation to generation without people ever questioning their validity. Some of these "programs" become so inhered in people that many of us can't see ourselves as separate from them. (How do you face your problem when your problem is your face?) From birth we are programmed with a name, an ethnic identity, a nationality, and often a religion. Since we are given these things from the very beginning they become part of the (unquestionable) fiber of our psychological "DNA". When you can "see" The Matrix it means you can see the "false" things for what they really are, programs. Agent Smith is the "strong arm" for the governance of The Matrix. He represents indoctrination,