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Software's Unfinished Songs

How would you like it if you bought your favorite bands new album, and although it cost you $400 you paid it because you love them and need this album to keep your life meaningful in this tech-filled world. But, when you go listen to the album you find that some of the songs are incomplete. Upon further listening you discover that there's sudden interruptions in the middle of songs, in-which you can hear the band talking about what they should play there. They fiddle with a few guitar riffs then say "Awe. F**k it. Let's just move on! We have to get this out by next month." They continue, and the record company releases it like that anyway. That's what new software releases have been like for some time now. Unfinished songs from an album that you paid $400 or more for. How do we deal with these "unfinished songs"? Well, for me, most of the time when I have problems with my computer or cell phone, I search the internet for a solution only to find

Going to the Record Store

What it was like going to the record store? OK, imagine some guy or girl sitting at their computer wearing sweat-pants and a t-shirt and clicking-and-clicking on stuff to listen to in their living room. It wasn't like that.  Going to the record store was planning it the previous day, or even the previous week, or the week before that! "Man, let's go to the record store this week. What? You can't? OK, then let's go next week. I need to get that song I heard yesterday and explore some new music." So you would pick out something cool to wear (even if the look you were going for was the 'I don't care what I look like' look), comb your hair, and get excited about going to the place where all the bands hard labored crystallizations were collected for you to brows through. Sometimes, you would want to go solo if it was time for a deep and personal introspection into the music scene, which sometimes could be used as a delightful escape. Or