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Random Activisms of Kindness

● M edia is a powerful tool, and is highly misused. But you can help to spread good "memes" S o you're standing at the checkout line at the grocery store and you look around at your options for something to do. Your eyes graze the bright colors of the gum rack and the magazines. You notice The Enquirer, The Star, People Magazine, and the worlds top 10 sexiest men or women of the year according to GQ or Cosmopolitan. If your name is Goliath, you care, and "sigh" feeling helpless against the billion dollars of marketing power that you're staring at. But... One day... You get this idea! A Random Activism of Kindness I discovered is... While shopping at the grocery store, I take a little time to stop by the magazine rack, and grab a few magazines with more intellectual content to place in front of the tabloid magazines. It also gives me something to read while I wait in line. It's a fact. People are more likely to