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iFood 7.0

● F or the majority of our existence we have eaten to survive, but nowadays people in our society don't only eat for survival they also eat to experience flavor, aromas, the presentation, and sometimes food is used as a psychological diversion, (In other words: We live like kings!). It was not until recent times that the idea of eating three meals a day became popular. As we have studied our food over the years we've learned how to imitate taste with artificial flavors while the marketing of food has convinced us that it is o.k. to call grape soda "Grape Soda". Even though it has NO grape in it. Our advancement in technology has allowed us to study our food at a molecular level which has made it possible to genetically modify and irradiate our food. (List of foods that have been approved for Radiation in the U.S. You will see that every food group is being irradiated). The term organic food emanates from the genetic modification of