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The Cyclic Oligopoly Complex

      I t happens over and over again, the cyclic oligopoly complex .      Everyone jumps on board with a company, it could be any company. Take a store like Walmart or a cable company like Comcast, or an internet company like Google or Facebook. The cycle begins when the majority of people invest their time and money into it, making it a giant that subsequently can't be beaten. The company then starts buying other companies, eventually working its tentacles into as many areas of your life as possible. In the U.S. we actually have a law for this, the "antitrust law". Why do we keep enabling this? It's about time that we re-define what "government" is in our minds, as consumers, living in a consumer driven economy.    What does it matter what you call it, government, or the private sector. If it's in control of what you require to lead a meaningful life, it's a government.  Despite that — what I call — fact, we still view corporations as separate