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I See Stars!

Here is an example of some stars . Here is an example of star s that were made by man. M an has taken the stars out of the sky and put them into logos. The star symbol is one of the most used symbols on earth. Some things stars are used to represent are Movie Stars , Four Star Generals , Police , Nations , States , and Star Ratings to name a few. People today could have assigned anything to represent power, appeal, quality, and value to something, yet they chose stars and stardom out of all things. For example... This is a five star blog! Not five trees, or five rocks, nor water jugs, or jade pieces even, but STARS! Ancient civilizations like Mayans and Egyptians studied stars with as much enthusiasm as people today study celebrities who are deemed as "stars". The suns position in the sky, our closest star, when measured indicates the yearly cycle. Many living organisms on earth have adapted to earths astronomical cycles like Butterflies, June Bugs, Bears, an

iFood 7.0

● F or the majority of our existence we have eaten to survive, but nowadays people in our society don't only eat for survival they also eat to experience flavor, aromas, the presentation, and sometimes food is used as a psychological diversion, (In other words: We live like kings!). It was not until recent times that the idea of eating three meals a day became popular. As we have studied our food over the years we've learned how to imitate taste with artificial flavors while the marketing of food has convinced us that it is o.k. to call grape soda "Grape Soda". Even though it has NO grape in it. Our advancement in technology has allowed us to study our food at a molecular level which has made it possible to genetically modify and irradiate our food. (List of foods that have been approved for Radiation in the U.S. You will see that every food group is being irradiated). The term organic food emanates from the genetic modification of


● T hese are size "D" batteries. You can put these batteries into any apparatus you want to deliver a source of energy into. Such as a flashlight, a radio, and toys. There are many different brands to choose from. But In any case they have the same function, and serve the same purpose when inside of a machine. You can also make batteries out of fruits and vegetables, such as lemons, potatoes, and onions to name a few. But... did you know that humans can also be used as batteries? The human body can generate about 100watts of power at any given time. If you assign one person 50 people they can then be called the person in charge . Like a manager, supervisor, or owner. That person can be more or less in control or the overseer of thousands of watts generated from people. What does the person in charge do with all of this energy ? It depends on what they are applying the current towards. Retail sales people apply their current to selling yo