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I Will Matter To You

P aying attention to politics means having to fill my mind with the image and sound of many awful people. A corrupt politician holds my mind hostage in a sense, because if I'm going to try to understand or even help the situation I have to know a good deal about them and what's going on. These are people I'd rather avoid. Cross the street if I saw them coming. But, they've carved out places for themselves between my resources and I, between my future and I, essentially forcing me to know their name and face, as if I “loved” them or held their mental image in my mind by choice. Fortunately I've learned how to skim articles for key information, and how to play video exposes at a faster speed than normal. For the most part, politics in this country is too-often a car accident that I can't look away from, on a highway that I can't realistically exit. At the risk of some online displaying their values by pointing out that what I'm abo