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What It's Like Not Owning A TV for Ten Years

    I 'm so unaccustomed to watching TV. I went without owning a television for about 10 years and now when I see busy news and show promos, loud fast-paced commercials with shaky camera shots edited by an editor that apparently has Attention Deficit Disorder, I'm kind-of insulted. I'm insulted by this way, this attempt of selling me things, as-if the producers assume that I can't focus on anything unless I'm yelled at. And, these type of sights and sounds are somewhat shocking, since I've maintained the pace of books and live music practice over the past ten years.     Television is obviously being made for people who've been desensitized to the point where you need the sound of explosions going-off often, and swooshing sounds to go along with colorful menu animations, shot switches every few seconds, constant panning to go along with anticipatory adrenaline-pumping cliffhanger content.    It's kind of sad. But, at the same time it's kind of h