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How To Live Without Facebook and Google

Use your favorites/bookmakrs folder. It's just like clicking anything else, save your friends sites and your favorite websites to see what's going on. Curate your own media don't let an algorithm steer you towards what it wants you to see, read, or think about. 1. Bookmarks/favorites 2. Make a "chatroom/messneger" like this reddits chat Snoonet and give the address to all your friends, you can log into it and see who's on anytime, and even make it password specific for privacy if you like. 3. Make a tumblr for you and your family and make it private, or any other place that lets you make a private group. You don't always have to use the giants, the "Walmarts" of the internet to communicate with loved ones. 4. Use Duck Duck Go as a search engine, or some other search engine that you like. I like Duck Duck go because it doesn't track you nor build an algorithm on you, and it has a badass "bang!" feature t

Slavery and Industrialization

W hat if we became a machine loving industrialized society because slavery ended? Slave masters got accustomed to doing no work and gaining massive returns due to slavery and exploitation. When it became illegal to have slaves, they looked to machines to output the same amounts of their product, and that's how we became the crazy production technology loving people we are today. They also turned to children to do the work…