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Reconsidering Karma

● ● Reconsidering Karma: C ountless times I've heard the statements: "They'll get theirs" and "What comes around goes around". In a situation like that what good will it do you, to your life, to your situation for a person to later experience adversity? In the past I've found myself thinking things like that. As if the universe was keeping tabs, and was going to somehow strike the person down in a clandestine way. But, in retrospect I see that it was usually a relief for the frustration of not being able to do anything about it at the time, or washing my hands of my capabilities in the sacred geometry of the universe. It's clear to me that governments more than any other entity have calculated the consequences for their actions, and if Karma were a source of dependable retribution they cover that base as well. Since, Karma would most likely come from other humans these possible threats could be accounted for. You bein

Places that Don't Exist

Since I don't have the time or money to make these things happen in real life... and you are all on here most of the time anyway. I decided to make Jacksonville virtually more interesting than it already is. (CLICK PICTURES FOR FULL SIZE) A Jazz Restaurant and Coffee House on Ocean St. and Union St. Murals on N. Laura St. & State. (Was that you driving past there? Yes... Stand in awe of my gif animation skills. A vegetarian restaurant named "Xochi" on Laura St. (Down Town) A revolving restaurant at the top of the JEA building. (Down Town) A Bo Jackson Mural view from Broad St. How about murals on the big blank wall where Ocean and Union meet for inspiration? An African American history Museum on Phelps and Hubbard St. One of the worlds largest Aquarium Museums on Laura St. (Down Town) A coffee house on N. Laura St. Ummm... Oh, come on! Have a sense of humor.