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The Power of Television At Radiology Oncology

Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 - Hector Villa-Lobos I 'm one of the many musicians who play music in hospitals for the organization "Body & Soul, The Art of Healing ." So I walk into the Radiology Oncology building say hi to the visible staff and get to playing music. I start with a somber piece "Bachianas Brazileiras No.5, by Hector Villa-Lobos" All is going well, the people smile, I like it. An elder couple walks in sits and listens as they wait. The woman seems pleased with the music as I continue playing. Then this man comes in and changes the channel on the television from some Country Crock commercial to FOX News. No big deal this happens all the time here... Suddenly a man standing at the front desk holding a Zip-Lock bag full of pill bottles says "Woah! What happened?" as he gawks at the television. I look over at the TV and the elder couple excitedly get up and they fumble over each other (I thought they were going to trip over one another) t