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The Vulnerability In Parenting

"Ternura (Tenderness)" by artist Oswaldo Guayasamin     I magine that your heart has left your body, is one-quarter the size of you, and crawling, walking, or running around in a world where the internet and TV constantly remind you that there are mass shootings, kidnappings, and child molesters. Furthermore, your child is facing a world where you as an adult know things are precarious concerning your countries financial future, and an expanding and increasing economic imbalance disproportionately polarizing the upper and lower classes, and maybe they're also facing a school system that doesn't really educate, but molds good little workers, and an education system that leaves out at least half of the truth and history regarding your country. "That's every country." you might say. Maybe so, but why would you or anyone want their child to go into that? Why would you want to perpetuate that?     As I haphazardly run into information about auto acc