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Downton Abbey

  The U.K. Version   There's a moment in every episode of Downton Abbey where one of the characters say something that reveals something profound about themselves. For example, from the very first episode Carson, the butler, is talking with the head housekeeper, Mrs Hughes. They talk about how the owners of the estate in which they live and work, are under threat, and their exchange goes like this: MRS HUGHES You mustn't take it personally. MR CARSON Oh, I do take it personally, Mrs Hughes. I can't stand by and watch our family threatened with the loss of all they hold dear. MRS HUGHES (chuckles) They're not our family. MR CARSON Well, they're all the family I've got. [Mrs Hughes is surprised and humbled by his sharp sincerity.] MR CARSON ( Apologetically ) I beg your pardon. MRS HUGHES Do you...ever wish you'd...gone another way? [Carson looks up sharply.] MRS HUGHES continues... Worked in a shop or a factory? Had a wife and children? MR CARSON Do you? MRS