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Song of Single Parents

We get ready for school

The time gets closer and closer for us to leave

I start rushing, then I tell myself to stop rushing, and repeat

We drive to school

Will they remember this?

Which day on our way to school will they remember?

The one where we are happy?

The one where I was upset?

They ask me how many days until they return

We get out of the car and walk

My little one gives me her hand to hold

My eldest sees her friend, she rushes ahead with her book bag flopping on her back

My little one and I continue our steady pace

At the front steps I let her hand go, kiss her forehead and pat her back with a smile

It’s the last time that I’ll see them

I tell them that I love them

They’re going to stay with their mom for a few days

They walk into the hall and others start to block my view

A child, a teacher 

In a matter of moments they disappear into the crowd, and I walk away

I try not to go through this every week, but I worry

Well, at least my worry all comes out in those moments

I send out an angel as I walk to my truck


I apologize to my parents for misbehaving as a child

I know that they don't mind

I send them, and my grandparents to watch over them


I send the eagle, and the squirrels

I drive home as I calculate if there’s anything that I can do

To give them the best chance at a fulfilling and joyful life


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