Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Letters & Words


During first grade our classroom had two alphabets above the chalkboard. There were letters in the Spanish alphabet that did not exist in the English alphabet like Ñ and LL. It was evident to me that people were just making stuff up, and we were learning it. In the same spirit I'd like to introduce a new letter. The Letter "Th".

By eliminating a stroke or two. In one year the English writing world can collectively save 30 billion seconds, which is 8,333, 333.33 hours, which is also 347,222 days, which is 951 years, by simply merging the two letters.
Whatever, you only wish you had this much free time on your hands. But you don't because you still write "th" as two letters. :-)


Words in the dictionary did not just magically appear. Someone had to invent them and say "This is a word". I am grateful for the tool of words, but what if you cant find the right word to describe what you are experiencing?? And you are tired of saying awesome* or cool? ... Just make one up!
Here are a few of my own.
*A white dwarf star exploding is awesome. And this salad is awesome too?

carnidiot - A person who completely ignores the adverse affects of eating mamals.
e.g., He's certainly a carnidiot. He says that he loves meat so much he doesn't care if there's mad cow disease.

culinentia - Suddenly forgetting why you are in the kitchen.
e.g., So I walked into the kitchen to get something and when I opened the fridge I had culinentia and couldn't remember why I was there.

foice - Two or more choices that lead to one source or outcome. (a compound word made of "false" and "choice")
e.g., Voting Democrat or Republican is a foice. It's like asking me "Do you want hot s*it or cold s*it? Either way it's s*it!".

motivication - The sudden confidence to approach a man or woman while under the influence of alchohol.
e.g., I was shy at the party, but after two glasses of wine a surprising burst of motivication compelled me to talk to Maria.

opticons - The specks you see in your eye while staring into the sky.
e.g., There was a gorgeous blue sky today, but I couldn't stop seeing the Opticons after staring so long.

vegetorial - A vegetarian who judges you for eating meat or incessantly tells you why meat is bad for you.
e.g., I don't want to invite her to the restaurant. Shes too vegetorial. She'll look at me funny if I order the steak.

You are Beautiful

Life is far more dynamic than many have been lead to believe.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Advert ● is ● meant


ad·vert 1 (ād-vûrt') Pronunciation Key
intr.v. ad·vert·ed, ad·vert·ing, ad·verts
1. To turn attention.

I don't know where advertising started, but advertising has essentially become a way of turning your attention from anything of actual importance concerning a product. Advertising is often geared to appeal to your emotions and self image. Look at these creative car commercials. (each is +30- seconds.)

What do any of these automobile commercials have to do with the practical uses of a car? If you find out. Let me know.

These ad's are not meant to inform you. They are meant to entertain you, and influence you to do something like ask your friend "Did you see that one new car commercial where Grace Jones is cheating on her husband then her car turns into a transformer and starts to dance!? You haven't!?? Well you gotta watch it!"

Know your advertisers. They work very hard to know you.

Further reading on marketing: SixWise - How to be safe, live longer and prosper


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Perpetual Witch-Hunts

If history repeated itself would you even notice?

Into the far reaches of modern history. Groups of people have been attacked and labeled witches. Here is a loose time line of these events using the context of witches...

Concerning North America:
1619 - ? African Witches
1692 Salem Witch-Hunts
1935 Jewish Witchcraft
1942 Japanese Witchcraft
1950 Communist Witches
2002 Maher Arar the Syrian Witch
2007 - ? The Muslim Terrorist Crusades

During the Salem Witch hunts people were cited witches for many reasons. Here are two examples. If someone fell ill they blamed the spooky lady who lived under a tree, or sometimes someone with more social power wanted a womans oil... I mean land. I'm getting ahead of myself. They deemed her a witch. (Pointing at you = Witch)

Throughout the U.S. Africans have been seen as witches.
(African = Witch)
Visit Without SanctuaryVisit Without Sanctuary

In Germany there was the Jewish Holocaust. Many Germans fell for the propaganda of their leader, who proclaimed that Aryans were non witches and that Jews amongst others were.
(Jew = Witch)
Let me see your papers!

During World War II, Japanese Americans were sent to live in Internment camps because they too might use some of their witchcraft though they may have done nothing wrong.
(Japanese = Witch)

McCarthy went around accusing people of being witches or witch sympathizers. Some people were even targetd just for hanging out with someone who McCarthy suspected to be a Witch.
(Russian = Witch)

Maher Arar was flying home to Canada, but was stopped by the inquisitors at JFK airport. They sent him to Syria to be interrogated and tortured. He was asked time and again if he was a witch. But he was not.
(Syrian = Witch)

Maher Arar's Video (Link)

The governments of Great Britain, Israel, and the United States are now hunting for Muslim Terrorist Witches.
(Muslim = Witch) Especially if you look like one.

The Shock Doctrine (Link)

If history repeated itself would you even notice?

If so. Would you do something to stop it! Or put
flowers in it's hair?

If you don't feel sympathy for any of the people mentioned above
it is probably because (like the people in the first video of this post)
you've come to believe that they are not really human and
made out of wood.

No I.D. means you are a Witch!


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Watch Yourself

A little history of Watches:

A watch is a timepiece worn on a person, as opposed to a clock which is not. The term now usually refers to a wristwatch, which is worn on the wrist with a strap, while a pocketwatch, the common type before World War 1, is carried in a pocket and often has an attached chain to lift it out. Watches evolved in the 1600s from spring powered clocks, which appeared in the 1400s.

The first known use of a wrist watch was by the Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont. While testing out his new aeroplane in the early 1900s, Dumont found it necessary to keep track of time. He asked his friend Louis Cartier for help, and Cartier built him a leather bound wrist watch. Dumont used his popularity in Paris to popularize the item and sell it to other men.

Lets Compare Two:

The Watch: Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control Automatic 18k Gold watch.

Cost: $7,995
Cost of my car: $1,400
What it does: This watch tells you the time, but every time you look at it you see gold. Gold is a precious metal but only because we say so. This watch is probably very durable. If you were lost out in the Himalayan mountains it would probably still work... so you would know what time it is and the gold part... hmm... I don't see how that would help you there. However! If you are at a meeting or a party it might give your image a slight edge.

The Watch:
Casio Men's Thermometer
Cost: $47.00
What it does: Calculates the best times to hunt based on lunar movement, latitude and longitude the moon phase data displays moon age and phase for current or designated day. Includes a thermometer with display range -10 to 60 C or 14 to 140 F and displays in units of 0.1 C or 0.2 F, measurement timing for thermometer occurs during each even-numbered minute. Rugged Casio quality with stainless steel screwdown back, and base metal unidirectional bezel engraved for compass markings, water resistant to 100 meters, auto EL backlight with afterglow, World Time with 30 time zones (50 cities), city code display, daylight saving optional, daily alarm, countdown timer measures in 1 second units from 1 minute to 100 hours with auto-repeat function, 1/100 second digital stopwatch measures in elapsed time and split time modes with 1st and 2nd place times, auto calendar pre-programmed until the year 2099, 12/24 Hour Formats.

Have you ever had your boss look at his or her watch while making a clicking sound out of the side of their mouth because you were five minutes late for work? And you said "Hmm... that's a nice watch!". Watches can tell you a lot about a person. Firstly if they wear one it is most likely for one of two reasons. They live under such rigorous time constraints that they "need" to know exactly what time it is several times throughout the day. (Looks at his watch and says, "Bitch betta have my money!") Or they are saying something about themselves with this watch. "This watch is me! This watch is SooooooOOoOoo me!" The watch is not me at all... I'm me. But through the watch I can try to tell you that I'm sporty, sexy, wealthy, rich, sophisticated, scuba diving, manly :), nerdy, or playful. Watches have a language of their own, just as cars, wallets, purses, shoes, or any other object we can find ourselves identifying with do.

"Sticking feathers in your butt does not make you a chicken." - Tyler Durden (Fight Club the movie)


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Reconsidering Karma

Reconsidering Karma:

Countless times I've heard the statements: "They'll get theirs" and "What comes around goes around".
In a situation like that what good will it do you, to your life, to your situation for a person to later experience adversity?
In the past I've found myself thinking things like that. As if the universe was keeping tabs, and was going to somehow strike the person down in a clandestine way. But, in retrospect I see that it was usually a relief for the frustration of not being able to do anything about it at the time, or washing my hands of my capabilities in the sacred geometry of the universe.

It's clear to me that governments more than any other entity have calculated the consequences for their actions, and if Karma were a source of dependable retribution they cover that base as well. Since, Karma would most likely come from other humans these possible threats could be accounted for.

You being old enough to read this, it is safe to say that you at one point or another were the target for much pain asking yourself, "What did I do to deserve this?". Sometimes... Nothing. Sometimes the tree (or bomb) falls on YOUR house, but not because you used to much paper and the tree said "F**k this A**hole!", more because you didn't see the rotting limb.
But, humans taking actions that have negative Karmic value on other humans is not as easy to define as a tree branch falling unto your house. This is where we cheat "God", this is the playground where we can skew objectivity and interpretation. In many case this zone is synonymous with "Business".

"Business" is the green-zone, the time-out from Karma. If it's normally not o.k. to hire people for slave wages, throw a family out on the street, or to charge a thirsty pregnant woman for water, when it comes to business its all right. If someone needs to put their holy book down and pick up a gun to handle their business, "God" will totally understand, especially if the people being attacked were taught to turn the other cheek.

I add that we live in a society where almost nothing originates from us. Everything came from a factory, a warehouse, or someone else made it, cooked it, roasted it, painted it, played it, and put it together.
Even our beliefs and conclusion can fall between lines that were drawn for us by a sort of indoctrination or other, which we were born into. (Truly freeing ones mind is to redefine everything.)
I'll write more about that later but I have to go to Wal-Mart before my Yoga class.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Places that Don't Exist

Since I don't have the time or money to make these things happen in real life... and you are all on here most of the time anyway. I decided to make Jacksonville virtually more interesting than it already is.

A Jazz Restaurant and Coffee House on Ocean St. and Union St.

Come down town and listen to some live music!

Murals on N. Laura St. & State.
(Was that you driving past there? Yes... Stand in awe of my gif animation skills.

See... Cause I'm tired of hearing people complain... 'But, Goliath theres no culture. Theres no culture!' Now you can take a stroll along some nice multi cultural murals.

A vegetarian restaurant named "Xochi" on Laura St. (Down Town)

A revolving restaurant at the top of the JEA building. (Down Town)

A Bo Jackson Mural view from Broad St.

How about murals on the big blank wall where Ocean and Union meet for inspiration?

An African American history Museum on Phelps and Hubbard St.

One of the worlds largest Aquarium Museums on Laura St. (Down Town)

A coffee house on N. Laura St.


Oh, come on! Have a sense of humor.