Friday, July 24, 2015

The Vulnerability In Parenting

"Ternura (Tenderness)" by artist Oswaldo Guayasamin

    Imagine that your heart has left your body, is one-quarter the size of you, and crawling, walking, or running around in a world where the internet and TV constantly remind you that there are mass shootings, kidnappings, and child molesters. Furthermore, your child is facing a world where you as an adult know things are precarious concerning your countries financial future, and an expanding and increasing economic imbalance disproportionately polarizing the upper and lower classes, and maybe they're also facing a school system that doesn't really educate, but molds good little workers, and an education system that leaves out at least half of the truth and history regarding your country. "That's every country." you might say. Maybe so, but why would you or anyone want their child to go into that? Why would you want to perpetuate that?

    As I haphazardly run into information about auto accidents involving children, government military actions that end up killing children abroad, violence resulting in the senseless death of beings who really had no chance, because they had nothing to do with anything besides learning the basics about our world, how to go potty, the ABC's, and to not walk out into the street… And, I swear… My wife, at the moment of me writing this just came to me and told me about a car that was stolen with a toddler in it.

    Having a child has made me face a fact that as a "progressive", left leaning, open minded, wanting to be a non-judgmental and almost everything has a systemic reason as to why it's happening, type of person. I face the idea that there might just be bad people in the world.
    I pause at this idea because maybe it's lazy, because maybe the problems are systemic far more often than not. But, what does that have to do with my heart running around in the world? Well, it's all part of the vulnerability of being a parent. That you love something so much that it could potentially utterly devastate you, and change you for the rest of your days if anything fatal happened to your child. And, I have no idea how parents who have lost children cope with it, and make it through that. Are there even tools in any tool box for that? One of the only things I can see working for parents who have suffered such a thing is to be surrounded by, and embraced by their community with compassion, understanding, and love.

    So, why would anyone even want to think about these things? I don't know. But, as a parent I do. They're usually not long thoughts. Looking something like this square in the eye isn't the most pleasant or easiest thing to do. Sitting down to write about it takes longer than I usually allow myself to acknowledge such painful potentials, which I, and which any parent who gives a shit vows to guard against at all costs.

    So, how do you guard against such things? Because, as you start to spend time in this somber mental space you realize that you can't control everything, and there are smaller ways you can defend your children from bad potentials, and protect their future. So you start addressing tinier solutions, things you can affect, and you do all you can because you want to live with the intergrity that you're doing all you can, as much as you can, for one of the most beautiful and pure things in the world, love. And, more specifically the love of a child.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How To Live Without Facebook and Google

Use your favorites/bookmakrs folder. It's just like clicking anything else, save your friends sites and your favorite websites to see what's going on. Curate your own media don't let an algorithm steer you towards what it wants you to see, read, or think about.

1. Bookmarks/favorites

2. Make a "chatroom/messneger" like this reddits chat Snoonet and give the address to all your friends, you can log into it and see who's on anytime, and even make it password specific for privacy if you like.

3. Make a tumblr for you and your family and make it private, or any other place that lets you make a private group. You don't always have to use the giants, the "Walmarts" of the internet to communicate with loved ones.

4. Use Duck Duck Go as a search engine, or some other search engine that you like. I like Duck Duck go because it doesn't track you nor build an algorithm on you, and it has a badass "bang!" feature that saves me oodles of time. - I don't want anyone telling me what's best for me, or to not have an option of opting out of that kind of thing.

5. Make a sub-reddit and make it private (or keep it public) for you and your friends to build a community of like-minded interests.

There are many more ways of doing the internet, these are just some of the ways.


- Some people will be like "Yeah, but these companies are just companies like the companies you're trying to avoid, they're all corrupt, just give up."
    It takes some effort, and people who are busy with legit things in life don't want to think about another step here and another step there, so they will probably even sell their soul for convenience. But, not all companies are in the same position, sure they may be fathered by a corporate overlord sometimes, but they aren't trying to make an oligopoly, which never turns out well for the people, the users, the customers, the citizenry.

- People may also try to discourage you through "puritanism", they'll point out areas where you inadvertently or knowingly contradict yourself. Like if you drive a Chevy, they'll be like "Oh, you're not gonna use Google, but you'll drive a Chevy? Don't you know that's a big-ass corporation?" or they'll be like "I saw you using Google Maps that one time at the coffee shop, pst! You're bullshit." Nobody's perfect, sometimes you have to go to Walmart for diapers in the middle of the night, what's important is what you do most of the time. - Never let perfection get in the way of a good thing.

- Some people will laugh at you. They'll stand by their big muscular and powerful, connected corporate daddy, and be like "What? You think you're gonna change things? You can't change things bro." What a lazy way to think, frankly. And yes a small group of people can change things!

- Also, the idea that this way of doing things is more time consuming is an illusion, you make the same amount of clicks than you would if you were using a "one-stop shop". This is only time consuming at first as you learn a new way of doing things, it can be fun if you like exploring and learning new things.

- Only using  big companies services is the digital equivalent of shopping at Walmart, and never shopping local. Remember that the Google and Facebook corporations are no longer start-ups they're huge corporations looking to grow even more.

- Lastly, there's a battle going on for the real-estate of your mind, you only have room for so many apps and services to keep up with in life. Be aware that what's placed in-front of you will become part of the makeup of the content of your mind. Advanced marketers know this, syrupy soda is super bad for you, as is the food at many fast food chains, but you don't see their business dying out, because people keep buying their shit. Why? Because they are front and center in peoples consciousness, they have the most recognizable logo's, the best placed adds, and there's frankly no escaping them from invading our minds unless we cover them up or remove them. Fortunately you can work around just about anything on the internet.

- And, this method of diversifying where you do what online ensures diversity, safety from censorship, a more level playing-field, and not only online, but this philosophy applies to real life too.

I wrote about the Cyclic Oligopoly Complex in a previous blog post, I'm not really a "writer", but here's all this stuff anyway. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Slavery and Industrialization

What if we became a machine loving industrialized society because slavery ended?
Slave masters got accustomed to doing no work and gaining massive returns due to slavery and exploitation. When it became illegal to have slaves, they looked to machines to output the same amounts of their product, and that's how we became the crazy production technology loving people we are today.

They also turned to children to do the work…