Monday, August 16, 2010

Media Literacy

Below you will find important links I've gathered to jump-start your understanding of Media Literacy.

Media is like a food you consume through your eyes and ears. It's good to know what that food is made of. Are you aware...

  • News bias and public relations spin  (YouTube link for a film on modern -> "spin")

    Media literacy is the ability to sift through and analyze the messages that inform, entertain and sell to us every day. It's the ability to bring critical thinking skills to bear on all media— from news, music videos, and Web environments to "product placement" in films and virtual displays on sports score boards. It's about asking pertinent questions about what's there, and noticing what's not there. And it's the instinct to question what lies behind media productions— the motives, the money, the values and the ownership— and to be aware of how these factors influence content.

    Media Literacy is also the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and produce communication and information in a variety of forms and means. 

    Questions to ask while watching or listening to media:

    Who is showing this to me?
    What message are they trying to get across to me?
    Why are they showing me this?

    When (context) is this information being brought to my attention?
    Where would they like for my mind to go?
    How did this information get to me?

    Monday, August 02, 2010

    The Matrix As Philosophy

    "What is The Matrix?"

    The Matrix represents all teachings, beliefs, and rituals in our lives that have no intrinsic value. It also represents things that we are "programmed" with, things that are passed from generation to generation without people ever questioning their validity. Some of these "programs" become so inhered in people that many of us can't see ourselves as separate from them. (How do you face your problem when your problem is your face?)

    From birth we are programmed with a name, an ethnic identity, a nationality, and often a religion. Since we are given these things from the very beginning they become part of the (unquestionable) fiber of our psychological "DNA". When you can "see" The Matrix it means you can see the "false" things for what they really are, programs.


    Agent Smith is the "strong arm" for the governance of The Matrix. He represents indoctrination, and blind submission to the orders from his programmer. One can call him a "true patriot" of The Matrix. Agent Smith can "posses" the body of anyone plugged into the system making that person an agent.

    The Matrix has taught people, for generations, what is and what is not reality. People are born into these ideas, which are taught to people over the course of an upbringing and become indoctrinations. These indoctrinations are part of the root assumptions individuals build their beliefs on.

    No one within The Matrix ever thought to question whether or not The Matrix itself was ethical or real, or if what it taught people was true or good, until "Neo" came along.


    Neo was an average man who always felt there was something wrong with the world in which he lived, He felt there was more to life than what was taught by The Matrix and the people living in it. He had trouble accepting the idea that all there was to life was to get a job, make some money, work till you're sixty, then move to Florida and die.

    Neo was given a choice between believing what he was taught by The Matrix and the "people" in it, or to see things as they truly are, the undercurrents, the hidden hands, how things truly work.

    Neo chose to see the truth. He chose to see things as they really are. He was warned that once he saw it there was no turning back, he could not un-see it.

    What he saw was not as pretty as the world that was sold to him. He saw that people were controlled. He saw that the system of The Matrix lied to the souls plugged into it about reality itself.

    Not shown in the scene above, Neo had trouble accepting the truth and became distraught upon learning it. He fell into such deep denial and internal conflict that it caused him to vomit. However, after some time he accepted the fact that the concept of reality he was taught was a complete lie.

    He learned about The Matrix and saw the world as never before. He learned that people who still willingly believed the lie defended it as truth, and would suddenly turn into agents upon learning that he (Neo) was unplugged.

    The film ends with a monologue by Neo:

    "I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid... you're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. I'm going to hang up this phone, and then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you."

    The rest is history.

    There is no religion higher than truth.

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    500 Years, and We Finally Got It

    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    300... ... ... .. .

    Monday, May 24, 2010

    The Florida Theater Marquee

    I was driving down Main Street and I caught a red light at the corner where it meets Forsyth Street. So I decide to take a look at the Florida Theater marquee to see who's playing this weekend. But... I couldn't see because there was a tree, a beautiful tree, but still... There was a tree blocking the sign.

    View from Main St.

    "They should remove the branches of that tree.", I thought to myself. But, then I thought that it's so hot here in Yachtsombeel, and the shade from trees is so nice when you can get it... Then I wondered why there's not a marquee on the other side of the Florida Theater, the side facing The Landing?

    BAM! Here you go.

    View from Main Street Bridge.

    Sunday, May 02, 2010

    Banda Aid - Cause This Is A Boo Boo

    Mexicans + Lounge Lizard Clothing + Polka Music + Cowboys + MTV = Banda Bands

    Not that you asked, but since you're here I'll tell you. In short "Banda Music" is a type of Polka music played by bands that are comprised of Mexican men who dress like lounge lizards and often wear cowboy hats. In the 1880's this type of Polka music was cast into the bowels of the earth by German occultists, and it clawed its way, through hell, only to unearth itself in the northwest state of Sinaloa, Mexico. It then proceeded to hypnotize the natives into thinking this dark carnival music was "Lo Maximo" i.e. "The Sh*t".

    This is what "Banda" music sounds like:

    Look... My mom is from Sinaloa Mexico, and that is where Mexican Banda Music originates. It's a good thing my mom doesn't use computers because she'd probably disown me for speaking less than spectacularly about Banda Music. But damn, I'm sorry mom! They dress like Lounge Lizards who are trying to outdo each other with how awful their "costumes" can be. Not even used car salesmen would wear the clothes that members of Banda Bands choose to wear. Here a few examples:

    (Oh! My virgin eyes!)

    Here is a long list of other Banda Groups

    Banda Bands play Polka music. O.k? Tell me WHO likes Polka music? When is the last time you popped in a CD of Polka music? If you did pop in a Polka CD did you "jam out" to it? NO! You said "WTF!?" And you hit the eject button... And just because my mom is from Sinaloa MX and I'm of Mexican descent I'm supposed to like Banda Music?
    See... I know people (like my brother) who are thinking that I'm "whacked" for not liking "Banda"... I KNOW these critics won't listen to it, but "Polka" branded as "Banda Music" is o.k. all of a sudden? The same way that like... You wouldn't eat blueberry cake in the morning, but... If that blueberry cake chit was called a "muffin" it would suddenly be alright to eat cake for breakfast? TRICK!

    Perhaps one day I'll convert and start liking Banda music, for now I can't get past the Polka part.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    Facebooking 101

    This post will supply you with some guidelines for effectively showing the world who you are, what you do, where you've been, who you know, what you're listening to, and what you're eating.

    We are all unique individuals and facebook has given us a venue to publicly chronicle our lives. It has also helped people crystallize their digital personas.

    American society has been through many fads and changes throughout its history. Fads like "Break-Dancing, owning a "Pager/Beeper", and having a myspace have come and gone (Whats a 'myspace' you ask? Haha!). But, today having a facebook account is increasingly popular. Facebooking is not only a modern fad, it's a "meta" fad riding on the advances of computer technology.

    Having an "on-line" presence has become an essential ingredient for a successful life in society. There are many things that can make people assume you've "gone off the deep end". One of these things is NOT having a, or canceling your facebook account, which can cause people to think that you've grown a beard, moved to the mountains to play the Banjo, hunt deer, and join a militia group.

    There are several things to take into consideration when sculpting your "persona" on a social network. Here are twelve tips to facebooking successfully:

    1. You must have a picture of yourself smoking a Hookah ESPECIALLY if you're female.

    2. (Females Only) You must have at least one photo that indicates some sort of "lesbian" innuendo. I say "Females Only" because if it was a guy doing this to a girl in a picture he'd be considered a mere perv. And not an open minded female on the cutting edge of "social progress".

    3. (Females only in most cases) You must have at least one picture of you smooching your lips at the camera. Or at least puckering them to either look pouty, or to make your lips look bigger. Some experts claim that the "Pouty Lip Syndrome" (PLS) is caused by the lids on to-go coffees which resemble a toddler's sippy cup. There isn't much science to that theory, yet I think it merits further study. However, think of the pouting of the lips as a sort of mating call... You know, the way peacocks open their feathers to be more attractive to their mate. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. So post at least one picture with smoochy pouty lips.

    4. If you have a well maintained body you almost HAVE TO show us.

    5. Posting a picture of your quirky side is of the essence. This lets people know that you're not all business and that you know how to have fun!

    6. Don't EVER... EVER... EVER EVER EVER EVER use facebook to discuss anything intellectually challenging or controversial in your posts. This is all about being liked by, and getting along with everyone... People. So don't go thinking to far outside of "The Box".

    7. Show us what you're eating instead. But... Make sure it doesn't look like a professional photo by a cuisine photographer otherwise people will think you stole the image from the internet, and that is bad, since giving people the impression that you're passing someone else's work of as your own is... Well... It's not so bad I guess... People steal other peoples images all the time. So, since we all do it, it's o.k. forget I said that last part.

    8. Get a tattoo, preferably of something spiritually symbolic, or of significant personal meaning to you. It will help to show your individuality in numbers 1-4.

    9. Post as often as possible or else people will think you died, instead of them thinking that you went out(side) and got a life.

    10. Jump on the band wagon. One way to show fellow facebookers how intelligent you are is by making fun of individuals who are easy targets, like George W. Bush. Unfortunately doing so may keep you from helping more intelligent people gain notoriety.

    Dogmatic link:

    11. Post a picture amongst your photos of a celebrity you think you look like, or that other people think you look like. 

    12. Your friend count is a direct reflection of your self worth. SO KEEP YOUR FRIEND COUNT UP! And use absolutely no discretion with your "Accept Request" button.


    Sunday, April 18, 2010


    This is inexplicably one of the most fascinating videos/songs on line.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Free Will vs. Neuroscience

    Thursday, March 25, 2010

    Dehumanization of the Medium

    Dehumanization Part 1 from Kimberly Butler on Vimeo.

    Dehumanization Part 2 from Kimberly Butler on Vimeo.

    Monday, March 08, 2010

    Corporatization Of The Medium

    In 1964, media analyst Marshall McLuhan suggested that a given medium was more important than its message.
    Kimberly Butler of the Huffington Post interviews Amy Goodman along with Dan Rather, Geraldo Rivera, Tim Zagat, Rachel Sklar, Carol Jenkins, Bill Pullman, Bob Simon, John Ziegler, Juan Williams, Kevin Macdonald , Mary Alice Williams, and Stephen Cannell.

    Corporatization Of The Medium Part 1 from Kimberly Butler on Vimeo.

    Corporatization Of The Medium Part 2 from Kimberly Butler on Vimeo.

    Tuesday, March 02, 2010

    Ishmael - Daniel Quinn

    One of the best books I've ever read...

    The book opens with a deceptively ordinary personals ad: "Teacher seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world." Seeking a direction for his life, a young man answers the ad and is startled to find that the teacher is a lowland gorilla named Ishmael, a creature uniquely placed to vision anew the human story.

    Ishmael's paradigm of history is startlingly different from the one wired into our cultural consciousness. For Ishmael, our agricultural revolution was not a technological event but a moral one, a rebellion against an ethical structure inherent in the community of life since its foundation four billion years ago. Having escaped the restraints of this ethical structure, humankind made itself a global tyrant, wielding deadly force over all other species while lacking the wisdom to make its tyranny a beneficial one or even a sustainable one...

    That tyranny is now hurtling us toward a planetary disaster of pollution and overpopulation. If we want to avoid that catastrophe, we need to work our way back to some fundamental truths: that we weren't born a menace to the world and that no irresistible fate compels us to go on being a menace to the world.


    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    10 Gruesome Bible Scenes In Lego

    David kills 200 men and removes their foreskins

    “David and his men went out and killed two hundred Philistines. He brought their foreskins and presented the full number to the king so that he might become the king's son-in-law.”
    1 Samuel 18:27

    Samson slaughters 1000 men with donkey’s jawbone

    “Then Samson said,"With a donkey's jawbone I have made donkeys of them. With a donkey's jawbone I have killed a thousand men.”
    Judges 15:16

    Josheb-Basshebeth kills 800 men with spear

    “Josheb-Basshebeth, a Tahkemonite, was chief of the Three; he raised his spear against eight hundred men, whom he killed in one encounter.”
    2 Samuel 28:8

    40,700 Aramaeans killed in battle

    "David killed seven hundred of their charioteers and forty thousand of their foot soldiers”
    2 Samuel 10:18

    Moses turns the river to blood in Egypt

    “Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord had commanded. He raised his staff in the presence of Pharaoh and his officials and struck the water of the Nile, and all the water was changed into blood.”
    Exodus 7:20

    Seven kingdoms massacred

    "They took the city and put it to the sword, together with its king, its villages and everyone in it. They left no survivors. Just as at Eglon, they totally destroyed it and everyone in it.”
    Joshua 10

    Jesus crucified

    “So the soldiers took charge of Jesus. Carrying his own cross, he went out to the place of the Skull. Here they crucified him, and with him two others—one on each side and Jesus in the middle.”
    John 19

    Stephen stoned

    “They all rushed at him, dragged him out of the city and began to stone him”
    Acts 7

    Eternal suffering for unrepentant in Hell

    “If anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”
    Revelation 20v15


    "The rest of them were killed with the sword that came out of the mouth of the rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh.”
    Revelation 19


    Special thanks to for the images.

    You Can't Love Chocolate In Spanish

    It's true... You can't say "I love chocolate." in Spanish.

    "Yo amo chocolate" is similar to saying "These lime green walls taste so good!", Because in Spanish you can't love inanimate objects. The same way that in English you can't taste a color.

    Tuesday, February 09, 2010

    Giving Up Food for Funk