Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Integrity Keeps the Cloth We're Made Of

The above image is the interior of a battleship. I looked for a free stock photo for this post, but didn't have much time. The pic is cool as hell nonetheless.

In case you haven't heard. Donald Trump is the president of the worlds foremost military power. I'm certainly generally Left of Center when it comes to politics. The rundown for what's happened the past couple of months goes like this. 1. Trump won the election, 2. The Left lost their shit while The Right kept their Trump signs in their yard for well-after the election. 3. Protests and some riots broke out. People were protesting Trump in general, and his administration's travel ban. 4. From here, it looks like The Left all of a sudden hates Russia. And my last point is why I'm writing this.

I thought we wanted to be friends with Russia? I don't know Putin. I don't know Trump, Hillary, or any politician really (But I felt I knew Bernie Sanders due to the integrity of his record, and he spoke forthright about specific ideas.) So this isn't about Trump, but rather about: How did The Left suddenly grow a shell that doesn't want to have peaceful relations with Russia? Didn't the "They're commies!" stance belong to The Right for like the past... Forever?

According to Business Insider, they said that according to Fox News, who said that according to a facebook post. Just kidding. According to Business Insider: Trump, in an interview with a guy whose name rhymes with "Oh really?" the interviewer called Vladimir Putin a "killer" to which Trump responded "We've got a lot of killers. Boy, you think our country's so innocent? You think our country's so innocent?" 

Now, isn't that last bit what we on The Left have been shouting from the rooftops part time since like... Forever??

I've watched this kind of thing happen a few times within my lifetime. A Republican gets into office and all the outrage and conspiracy theorists arise from The Left. Then a Democrat gets into office and The Right starts making goofy accusations about the president being born in Kenya, and that his wife is a man.

And for the record. The ONLY presidential candidate I've ever truly liked was Bernie Sanders for reasons I've stated above.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Commercial Calculations of Human Folly

Starbucks has a "Refill Tumbler" this December for $49.95 in-which you can get a free coffee or tea (one per day) each day of January 2017. I know because I'm sitting at one of their tables and can see the display.

Back in the day (What if the day was actually a year? Or how about a band? I think of some dumb shit sometimes in between brilliant ideas!) my brother taught me all about this kinda monkey business.

As I stood in line behind the lady talking to the guy at the register, listening to how Publix doesn't allow bearded employees, and how the guy hates Publix because he has a beard. I did the math in my head about the tumbler using what my brother once taught me.

At $49.95 a tumbler that's about $1.70 per cup of coffee. If you drink coffee every day you'll save about 50 cents per cup every day. Not a bad deal eh? BUT, is the person who buys this thing going to come in here and drink burnt coffee every day? (That's what I'm having right now, good'ole Starbucks burnt coffee.) I don't think they'll make it in every day, well not most people. I believe there's someone at Starbucks headquarters who knows this. Someone with a history in insurance, I'm sure. And, they've figured out what percentage of people will lose this fucking thing, and what percentage of people will give out before they can handle cup after cup, back to back, day after day of enthusiastically roasted coffee?

I guarantee you that human folly is calculated into deals like this.

Nonetheless, happy holidays!

Namaste motherfucker.

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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Unparalelled Contact and the Social Web

    What we have right now are below average minds to the somewhat intelligent and up, with access to all the information that the digital arena makes available. And twenty years ago or less, only geo politicians and government agencies had access to this kind of stuff. So, here is everyone trying to hammer it out with each other. Dispelling each others misconceptions, some of which are so deeply rooted, they may never be changed in a lifetime.

People who have never been challenged on something, because they were the authority on it within their peer group constantly come face to face with people who know way more about it than they do, and that's a beautiful thing!


(In the news: Native Americans are blocking a Dakota pipeline, Presidential Election between Trump and Hillary is two days away, and the weather is cool and beautiful outside.)