Thursday, October 16, 2008

I See Stars!

Here is an example of some stars.

Here is an example of star
s that were made by man.

Man has taken the stars out of the sky and put them into logos. The star symbol is one of the most used symbols on earth. Some things stars are used to represent are Movie Stars, Four Star Generals, Police , Nations, States, and Star Ratings to name a few. People today could have assigned anything to represent power, appeal, quality, and value to something, yet they chose stars and stardom out of all things. For example... This is a five star blog! Not five trees, or five rocks, nor water jugs, or jade pieces even, but STARS!

Ancient civilizations like Mayans and Egyptians studied stars with as much enthusiasm as people today study celebrities who are deemed as "stars". The suns position in the sky, our closest star, when measured indicates the yearly cycle. Many living organisms on earth have adapted to earths astronomical cycles like Butterflies, June Bugs, Bears, and Plants. For this the Maya made the most precise calendar known to man, and this was their way of adapting to, and understanding astronomical cycles.

These are the two oldest symbols for the sun used in astronomy, astrology, and calendars. (The "Sun Cross" and "Solar Symbol")

Our modern calendar does not help us understand mans relationship to the cosmos or when to plant corn. It helps us direct the spending of our money. Our calendar measures our yearly cycle by economic holidays, and THESE holidays dictate our general behavior throughout the year. Our calendar tells us that it's Christmas, Valentines Day, Halloween etc... When it's Christmas it's time to buy ornaments, presents, and pretty lights. When it's Valentines day it's time to buy roses, diamonds, and heart shaped boxes. If it's Halloween buy a sexy costume (Yah, Halloween used to be scary, now its sexy this n' sexy that. But at least SOME people still do look scary dressed as a sexy nurse. :-) For that I give them four stars.

Some prominent logos with stars or star symbols in them are Wal-Mart, Police Badges, Texaco, On-Star, and Macy's. When I did well in kindergarten they would send me home with a star on my forehead or on my chest. I thought they were just trying to make me feel like a dweeb. I didn't know they were doing an Egyptian ritual on me!?

Even in adulthood people put stars on you. If you accomplish great feats in the military you get a star. If you open a restaurant and people wonder if there is crack in your food because it's so good, they give you a star. If you make a movie and people like it they give you a star. Here are SOME logos related to stars in the graphic below*. Also... If you want to be a pop star Quincy Jones will make you a star. (F.Y.I. You were already born one. Nobody has to give it to you baby!)


So... Where did this fascination for stars come from???
Egypt. The "Fore-fathers" of the United States should be called the "For-Pharaohs".

They were fascinated with Egypt! Chit! I'M fascinated with Egypt! They built the Washington Monument which is an Egyptian Obelisk and...

...They carved hieroglyphics on their Masonic temples... and...

...and later an Egyptian pyramid was illustrated on the dollar bill, etc.

Chit! I'd keep writing more but I'm hungry and my Pizza is here!