Thursday, December 20, 2007

Advert ● is ● meant


ad·vert 1 (ād-vûrt') Pronunciation Key
intr.v. ad·vert·ed, ad·vert·ing, ad·verts
1. To turn attention.

I don't know where advertising started, but advertising has essentially become a way of turning your attention from anything of actual importance concerning a product. Advertising is often geared to appeal to your emotions and self image. Look at these creative car commercials. (each is +30- seconds.)

What do any of these automobile commercials have to do with the practical uses of a car? If you find out. Let me know.

These ad's are not meant to inform you. They are meant to entertain you, and influence you to do something like ask your friend "Did you see that one new car commercial where Grace Jones is cheating on her husband then her car turns into a transformer and starts to dance!? You haven't!?? Well you gotta watch it!"

Know your advertisers. They work very hard to know you.

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