Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Letters & Words


During first grade our classroom had two alphabets above the chalkboard. There were letters in the Spanish alphabet that did not exist in the English alphabet like Ñ and LL. It was evident to me that people were just making stuff up, and we were learning it. In the same spirit I'd like to introduce a new letter. The Letter "Th".

By eliminating a stroke or two. In one year the English writing world can collectively save 30 billion seconds, which is 8,333, 333.33 hours, which is also 347,222 days, which is 951 years, by simply merging the two letters.
Whatever, you only wish you had this much free time on your hands. But you don't because you still write "th" as two letters. :-)


Words in the dictionary did not just magically appear. Someone had to invent them and say "This is a word". I am grateful for the tool of words, but what if you cant find the right word to describe what you are experiencing?? And you are tired of saying awesome* or cool? ... Just make one up!
Here are a few of my own.
*A white dwarf star exploding is awesome. And this salad is awesome too?

carnidiot - A person who completely ignores the adverse affects of eating mamals.
e.g., He's certainly a carnidiot. He says that he loves meat so much he doesn't care if there's mad cow disease.

culinentia - Suddenly forgetting why you are in the kitchen.
e.g., So I walked into the kitchen to get something and when I opened the fridge I had culinentia and couldn't remember why I was there.

foice - Two or more choices that lead to one source or outcome. (a compound word made of "false" and "choice")
e.g., Voting Democrat or Republican is a foice. It's like asking me "Do you want hot s*it or cold s*it? Either way it's s*it!".

motivication - The sudden confidence to approach a man or woman while under the influence of alchohol.
e.g., I was shy at the party, but after two glasses of wine a surprising burst of motivication compelled me to talk to Maria.

opticons - The specks you see in your eye while staring into the sky.
e.g., There was a gorgeous blue sky today, but I couldn't stop seeing the Opticons after staring so long.

vegetorial - A vegetarian who judges you for eating meat or incessantly tells you why meat is bad for you.
e.g., I don't want to invite her to the restaurant. Shes too vegetorial. She'll look at me funny if I order the steak.

You are Beautiful

Life is far more dynamic than many have been lead to believe.

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  1. Ha!! I am going to start using these words