Saturday, December 08, 2007

Perpetual Witch-Hunts
If history repeated itself would you even notice?

Into the far reaches of modern history. Groups of people have been attacked and labeled witches. Here is a loose time line of these events using the context of witches...

Concerning North America:
1619 - ? African Witches
1692 Salem Witch-Hunts
1935 Jewish Witchcraft
1942 Japanese Witchcraft
1950 Communist Witches
2002 Maher Arar the Syrian Witch
2007 - ? The Muslim Terrorist Crusades

During the Salem Witch hunts people were cited witches for many reasons. Here are two examples. If someone fell ill they blamed the spooky lady who lived under a tree, or sometimes someone with more social power wanted a womans oil... I mean land. I'm getting ahead of myself. They deemed her a witch. (Pointing at you = Witch)

Throughout the U.S. Africans have been seen as witches.
(African = Witch)
Visit Without SanctuaryVisit Without Sanctuary

In Germany there was the Jewish Holocaust. Many Germans fell for the propaganda of their leader, who proclaimed that Aryans were non witches and that Jews amongst others were.
(Jew = Witch)
Let me see your papers!

During World War II, Japanese Americans were sent to live in Internment camps because they too might use some of their witchcraft though they may have done nothing wrong.
(Japanese = Witch)

McCarthy went around accusing people of being witches or witch sympathizers. Some people were even targetd just for hanging out with someone who McCarthy suspected to be a Witch.
(Russian = Witch)

Maher Arar was flying home to Canada, but was stopped by the inquisitors at JFK airport. They sent him to Syria to be interrogated and tortured. He was asked time and again if he was a witch. But he was not.
(Syrian = Witch)

Maher Arar's Video (Link)

The governments of Great Britain, Israel, and the United States are now hunting for Muslim Terrorist Witches.
(Muslim = Witch) Especially if you look like one.

The Shock Doctrine (Link)

If history repeated itself would you even notice?

If so. Would you do something to stop it! Or put
flowers in it's hair?

If you don't feel sympathy for any of the people mentioned above
it is probably because (like the people in the first video of this post)
you've come to believe that they are not really human and
made out of wood.

No I.D. means you are a Witch!

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