Thursday, November 15, 2007

Reconsidering Karma
Reconsidering Karma:

Countless times I've heard the statements: "They'll get theirs" and "What comes around goes around".
In a situation like that what good will it do you, to your life, to your situation for a person to later experience adversity?
In the past I've found myself thinking things like that. As if the universe was keeping tabs, and was going to somehow strike the person down in a clandestine way. But, in retrospect I see that it was usually a relief for the frustration of not being able to do anything about it at the time, or washing my hands of my capabilities in the sacred geometry of the universe.

It's clear to me that governments more than any other entity have calculated the consequences for their actions, and if Karma were a source of dependable retribution they cover that base as well. Since, Karma would most likely come from other humans these possible threats could be accounted for.

You being old enough to read this, it is safe to say that you at one point or another were the target for much pain asking yourself, "What did I do to deserve this?". Sometimes... Nothing. Sometimes the tree (or bomb) falls on YOUR house, but not because you used to much paper and the tree said "F**k this A**hole!", more because you didn't see the rotting limb.
But, humans taking actions that have negative Karmic value on other humans is not as easy to define as a tree branch falling unto your house. This is where we cheat "God", this is the playground where we can skew objectivity and interpretation. In many case this zone is synonymous with "Business".

"Business" is the green-zone, the time-out from Karma. If it's normally not o.k. to hire people for slave wages, throw a family out on the street, or to charge a thirsty pregnant woman for water, when it comes to business its all right. If someone needs to put their holy book down and pick up a gun to handle their business, "God" will totally understand, especially if the people being attacked were taught to turn the other cheek.

I add that we live in a society where almost nothing originates from us. Everything came from a factory, a warehouse, or someone else made it, cooked it, roasted it, painted it, played it, and put it together.
Even our beliefs and conclusion can fall between lines that were drawn for us by a sort of indoctrination or other, which we were born into. (Truly freeing ones mind is to redefine everything.)
I'll write more about that later but I have to go to Wal-Mart before my Yoga class.

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