Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why I love riding my bicycle, and how it benefits us all.

Me on my bike means one less car on the road so you can get to where you’re going faster, and If I happen to be pedaling in-front of you on a narrow road, and slowing your car down, that lasts no more than a minute, at most.

It’s good for the environment, and at the same time good for my health.

I can cut across empty parking lots. :-)

I can ride on the sidewalk if I wish. :-)

I can easily stop and talk to someone I see, unlike in a car I usually just wave, maybe roll my window down and yell something. But, I can usually only wave. 

The freedom commuting by bicycle represents to me is enormous. I can ride across town and when I get to my destination I’m not tired (this took some practice). When I get there all I need is a glass of water. And, the more I ride the more it feels like I can cross an entire state using this mode of transportation.

If something should go wrong with my bike, a flat, a spoke on a wheel breaks, etc. I can fix almost anything with relative ease on the spot. And, should I need maintenance or a repair that requires a shop it will never cost me $500 and not even $80. More like $10-$20. 

I save a sh*t-ton of money on gasoline, oil-changes, and I preserve the life of my car by not putting miles on it. If I lived in a city where I didn’t need a car and could just commute by bicycle I’d save even more money, since I wouldn’t have to pay for tags, insurance, and any parking tickets, or sudden fees at the DMV.  

Also, “Mass” rides are a lot of fun. Mass Riding means many people agree on a time to ride together, day or night. There are a few Mass Rides that are on a set day of the week. And, there are monthly and yearly scheduled rides.  

Lastly, it makes me happy! - Find me a depressed person whose been riding a bicycle for at-least fifteen minutes, I throw that challenge out there. I'll see you on the road. And, I love you all.


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