Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Religious People vs. the LGBT Community

I do my best to stay out of the Religious People vs. the LGBT community discussion, simply because I find the whole questioning of peoples rights in this case completely ridiculous, and a collosal waste of time in a world where we have lot's of important work to do that's unrelated to what people are doing in their bedroom, which is none of your business in the first place.

Recently, a debacle happened which dragged the LGBT community into it, and a fairly popular chicken restaurant in the U.S. I call this restaurant Gay-fil-A, because now every time I see their logo anywhere I think of gay people. So, self-righteous religious people in The South went out in drones (the way religious people tend to do), and bought chicken sandwiches for Jesus. I think it was for Jesus, or for the Bible which Jesus is in, you can't have one without the other. (Here's a picture of this)  I bet you Jesus was tripping out that these people were supporting the horrible slaughter of chickens (whether they know it or not. See: in order to stand up for the preservation of their beliefs, which conveniently includes deciding how they think people should be.

The fact that members of the LGBT community have contributed, and continue to contribute in countless ways to society needs to be faced at worst, and embraced at best by those who like to pretend they live on an infallible self-righteous island, because they don't live on such an island since such an island doesn't exist. Many songs everyone knows, sings, and loves have been made by "gay people", actors you love, directors too, painters, sculptors, architects. Basically LGBT people are people, just like anyone. I'm sure all religious peoples icons taught a message of brotherhood and love, if they didn't then they aren't worth a sh*t, trust me.

If you're someone who saw the movie Platoon, a film about American Soldiers caught in the Vietnam War, and you felt like crying at the enormous sense of injustice in the scene where the Character "Elias" dies, that piece of music tugging at your heartstrings was composed by Samuel Barber.

You know what? Instead of me going on and on about this, I'll just supply you with a list. I'm a musician so I'm most familiar with music. Here's a list of LGBT composers. And here is a list of prominent LGBT people from A to Z, there are so many people on this list you won't get through them all.

Lastly here is Morrissey, I'm of Mexican descent and grew up in Chicano neighborhoods, and I can tell you as a member of that society that this is our favorite English speaking gay man.

Furthermore, you know what? Mexican people are cool as hell (I know this isn't about Mexican people, but f**k it.), you know why? Because, Mexicans have had prominent singers, actors, and artists who were gay (Like Frida, Chavela Vargas, and Juan Gabriel), and loved even back in the days when ya'll over here were dealing with racism concerning the African American community. Latin America has a midget rock-star! When have you ever seen a midget rock-star in the U.S.? Ya'll need to stop being so superficial and judgmental and embrace more.

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