Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Adventures In Film Scoring

California Winter

I got a final copy of California Winter today. Color mastered, audio mastered, and finished version of the film.

This is the only feature film I know of (that isn't a documentary) about the Housing Crisis in America. The movie addresses the home foreclosures which happened to millions of families across the nation from the perspective of a Mexican-American family in Los Angeles, CA. The movie was filmed on location in Los Angeles, and is in 25% Spanish, with subtitles.

Here are three samples of the film score/soundtrack:

Behind the scenes of the score and soundtrack: Here are two versions of the opening piece of music, not used in the final cut. The second (Latin style) piece of music in "Americana and Latin" was used, but the director and producers decided on something more appropriate that I composed for the opening of the movie.

Some pictures from the movie's Stills Set:

Marcy (Rutina Wesley), and lead character Clara Morales (Elizabeth Dominguez) awaiting information at the bank.

Deputy Blake (Brian Leahy), Walter (Kendell Johnson), and Sheriff Hillman (Michael Ironside) behind the scenes.

 Papi (A Martinez), and Clara Morales facing bad news from Carlos (Walter Perez) at the bank.

Marcy, whose husband is fighting in Afghanistan, facing eviction. 

California Winter

California Winter on the Internet Movie Data-base

Me (Composer) - The future awaits. 


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