Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Most Complex Casino

It's possible that I don't know what I'm talking about concerning this, but when it comes to politics it's possible that nobody, not even those who originate policy know what they're talking about concerning its real world implications—as it seems that any policy will have unintended consequences for some group of people or other.

Nonetheless, the overall tone of the Trump administration seems old-fashion in a not good way. Its idea of bringing back coal jobs like it's 1930. And, the notion that one man is gonna waltz in there like a fast talking 1950's Hudsucker style entrepreneur and revamp the whole thing like it's a casino seems out of touch.

Towards the onset of the 21st century, many people online were discussing globalization as a bad thing, meanwhile those who were for it seemed to be the wealthy business and political magnates. Now, the populous seems about 50/50 on it. From my perspective, it also appears that the concept of Globalization for the masses didn't come into awareness through international business dealings, but through social media, more specifically, primarily becoming aware of the world through social media.
I don't think people saw it coming that the consent for globalization was to come through the likes of Mark Zuckerberg's facebook. From social media and the internet at large people have learned that yes, there are people in parts of Syria living through what looks like the apocalypse. People became aware that Chinese workers making iPhones for us started committing suicide due to their harsh work conditions. Through social media we learned that what we do here, affects what happens over there, and vice/versa in nearly real time.

But despite the awareness of globalization, people are still disenfranchised when it comes to the business dealings, not the things that will affect them morally, but what will affect their workplace, environment, and finance. The people can't compete with those whose careers it is to draft business deals with foreign nations or domestically, nor can they reliably affect instances when the military is used to strategically secure a resource under the cover of a noble slogan.

Business as we've come to know it is ultimately about the bottom-line. Even when a business takes on a humanitarian venture it's still about how that will affect its bottom line. I don't know the guy personally, but I wager that this is what Trump the businessman is accustomed to being concerned with, and not necessarily how it's going to affect people. If this is the case, now he's dealing with the most complex casino in known history. The situation is dicey.


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