Thursday, March 09, 2017

Ridiculous Politics

(And Social Media)

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When George W. Bush was president I felt like I was locked in a Texas saloon, in a small town, and W was being belligerent to everyone, but I couldn't do anything about it because he was the son of the town mayor. - As it goes with these things, I'm sure that if I ran into him today and conversed he'd seem like an OK guy. When you meet people who've been written and talked about, seldom are they the boogieman that the media made them out to be. You can say "Hi" and chat with your opposition party neighbor just fine, so long as you guys don't talk about politics.

The Bush years were my introduction to politics in media, before then, I didn't care. Those years were also the first to have the internet going at full force. Social media was already born, and more-and-more newspapers were taking to the internet.

Within those years I saw millions protest war while being ignored by TV news, the truth seemed to be on the internet (Between the fat folds of delicious BBQ flavored crazy talk, of course). I also saw the TV turn into a military hardware show while gearing the people up for the Iraq War A.K.A. "Operation Enduring Clusterfuck". Many contradictions were revealed to me with the advent of the internet.

Why am I saying all this? I originally came here to tell you how I'm tired of, but more importantly, how unproductive it seems to point out how "idiotic" and "ironic" politicians are being.

During the Bush and Obama years, the "smart one's" were online, meanwhile the fools got their info from television. But, I've watched the tide turn twice in my lifetime. During the Bush years it seemed the majority of the country disliked Bush's policies, during Obama the republicans pointed out what an "idiot" he was, and now we're back to The Left pointing out the ironies of Turmp's presidency.

I believe that in today's world "All 'great' men are bad men". Meaning that they all have to do awful things as people in positions of supreme power. 

But, as for the rest of us. Pointing out how ridiculous and ironic our leaders are isn't all that useful. I realized the lack of utility in this approach during Bush's second term. I even considered that perhaps it was a government tool to let people think they were smarter than their leader, because I was in disbelief at what was happening politically during those years, it was so surreal.

Perhaps if we refrain from being reactive, and conserve our energy for something proactive we can cause change more effectively. 

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(Trump is accusing Obama of wiretapping him - Adele started her song over at the Grammy's performance - Liberals, instead of the usual Conservatives hate Russia now)

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