Monday, January 28, 2013

Why I Don't Like Facebook

Things I don’t like about facebook. 

Some months ago, I uninstalled the facebook application on my phone. At first I found myself going through a type of withdrawal, for I didn’t know what to do with myself while standing in line after having deleted the app. I haven’t been using facebook that long, so I found myself working on lyrics instead before too long, or just thinking or humming things to myself, and engaging in conversation. People try to claim that facebook is no big deal, but that sh*t is addictive yo! And it isn’t as innocuous as some people make it out to be.

There are many things I don't understand about facebook. One being that it's against facebook TOS to friend people you don’t know (Strangers)? If everyone on there is supposed to be someone you know, why would you post your work history, where you currently work, your birthday, your schooling, your relationships, if people you know already know these things about you? Hmm? (Conspiracy theorists, go!) 

Without further ado, here’s my list:

1. Everyone is in everyones business. 

2. It can effectively make everyone a fascist on a small scale, because even someone who is anti-censorship, if they don’t like what someone else wrote or posted, they can block or delete them. i.e. censor them. 

3. People aren’t real. And, they have their best representative of themselves on there, which seems like a natural thing to do. But, the representation of life is largely false on there. (This is the internet, I for one am not trying to be ‘real’. I’m trying to use the internet). This perpetuates the "Keeping up with the Jones'es" but, the cyber version.

4. It causes unnecessary social stress. Tagged, mentioned, liked, and can cause completely unnecessary problems in relationships of all types. 

5. It’s a very lonely way to socialize. 

6. People mainly use facebook to display their values to their peers. (This one bothers me to no end)

7. When you post, you’re posting to an algorithm, and the news feed doesn’t show you everything, but what it thinks you want to see. So it isn’t neutral.

8. It’s like an internet, except you have to sign into it to see any of it. I predict that governments love this aspect.

9. My overall thought on news feeds is that I don’t like what they're doing to my brain/attention span. News-feeds like reddit (and I like reddit), facebook, and Google+, are dominating the internet market. But, I find them to be a constant derailment of thought, especially since I find myself wanting to interact, either negatively or positively depending on what I see. But, the fact that they constantly derail thought makes them detrimental to working on larger concepts. 

10. Facebook, especially, turns everyone who uses it into a voyeur, and a stalker (lite). 

11. It can make people feel insecure. For example. If I went posting and showing how awesome my life really is :-) to all the people sitting there in their humdrum worlds, it would make them feel sad and insecure about their life. And, that is totally unnecessary.

In closing I’d like to point out that if you were famous, the last thing you’d want is more pictures of your personal life floating around. But, people have been taught that being a self paparazzi is good, via all the tabloid magazines we’ve been exposed to at the grocery store checkout lines over the years.  

Furthermore, people act like they won't know how to get a hold of you without a facebook, like they can't email you, or google you. - If you have a business you ask people to go to your facebook page and "Like" it, but they still have to type in the name of your business. So, for me, I find it equally easy to just guide them to my website. :-)

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