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iFood 7.0
For the majority of our existence we have eaten to survive, but nowadays people in our society don't only eat for survival they also eat to experience flavor, aromas, the presentation, and sometimes food is used as a psychological diversion, (In other words: We live like kings!). It was not until recent times that the idea of eating three meals a day became popular. As we have studied our food over the years we've learned how to imitate taste with artificial flavors while the marketing of food has convinced us that it is o.k. to call grape soda "Grape Soda". Even though it has NO grape in it.
Our advancement in technology has allowed us to study our food at a molecular level which has made it possible to genetically modify and irradiate our food. (List of foods that have been approved for Radiation in the U.S. You will see that every food group is being irradiated). The term organic food emanates from the genetic modification of food. Since, if there were never any modification of food in the first place there would be no difference between organic, and non-organic food. So... food that was once organic was made non-organic, and now "organic food" is sold as if it were an innovation (Suckers!).

The DNA of many seeds have been modified, reportedly to increase the speed of growth, shelf life, and in some cases insecticide has been implanted into the seeds DNA to minimize or avoid applying them externally (Yum. Insecticide.) Farmers who use genetically modified seeds must buy the rights to those seeds on a yearly basis. The patent to the seeds can be determined by looking at it's genetic structure. If the structure of the seed in question matches that of the corporation, farmers can face a lawsuit from the corporation that owns the patent to those seeds.
Changing a seeds genetic structure and letting it loose unto the world CANNOT be undone. One seed can produce 4,000 - 10,0000 plants the following year. In turn that would produce a much higher number of seeds from those new plants, without knowing how it will affect us, neighboring plants, and the animals who feed off of those plants. Since the long term effects of eating genetically modified and irradiated foods are unknown, it's likely that people who eat them will turn into Zombies, with indigestible genetically modified corn in their poop.

Food either makes Alkali or Acid in the body. An over acidic diet can make you feel weak, depressed, unhealthy, unintelligent even. There is a basic principle involving pH-Balance, Acidity, Alkalinity, and Health. pH is a method of measurement used in chemistry to express the degree of acidity or alkalinity.
● Acidosis, occurs when the pH-balance of the body falls below 7.35,
● Alkalosis, occurs when the PH balance of the body goes over 7.45
A pH balance in the body anywhere between here will keep you healthy
● A pH balance that falls to about 7.0 results in death.

An over acidic body is a playground for disease. Meaning that it is virtually impossible for disease to exist in a body that is on the alkali side of pH balance. Eating for health one has to eat food that produces more Alkali in the body. -Here is a list of acid and alkali forming foods- According to the Ecology Health Center website, but if the food has been hyberdized, irradiated, and/or genetically modified does it still create alkali in the body? I don't know.

Now, lets see if everyday foods that people in MY neighborhood eat make alkali or acid in the body.

Chinese Restaurant:

The thought occurred to me once while I was hungry that I'd rather eat Chinese food because it was healthier than "fast food". But I later found out that most Chinese Food in my neighborhood is just as unhealthy as fast food. Lets take a look at what I would order at this restaurant. (Note: How someone managed to give you rice, noodles, a main selection, and a drink for $7 and STILL make a profit is a mystery that might be scary to solve.)

Kung Pao Chicken Combo w/Rice and Noodles.
○ Chicken: Protine, Uric Acid, Genetically Modified Organisms, MSG* = Acid/Mucus = Zombie!
○ Rice: = Carbohydrates = Sugar = Acid = Zombie!
○ Noodles: = Carbohydrates = Sugar = Acid = Zombie!
○ Soda/Sweet Tea: = High Fructose Corn Syrup = Sugar = Acid = Zombie!
As you can see there is not much Alkali forming food in this meal. This will turn you into a zombie.

Zombie Burger
- Restaurant: Combo
Hamburger: Ground Beef (I think it's beef) = Protein and Uric Acid = Zombie!
Iceberg Lettuce = Water and some fiber (There is not much nutrition in Iceberg Lettuce, so it is a Zombie disguiser. )
○ Genetically modified tomatoes
= Zombie!
○ Bread = Carbohydrates = Sugar = Acid = Zombie!
○ Dairy based secret sauce = Mucus/Acid = Zombie!

○ French Fries = Starch = Carbohydrates = Acid = Zombie!
(The deep frying process mutates food even more, and makes it difficult to assimilate in the body)
○ Soda/Sweet tea: = High Fructose Corn Syrup = Acid
= Zombie!

By the looks of these two lists its surprising that you cant have these people arrested for attempted murder from poisoning. But... then again... its not what you eat once in a while. Whats important is what you eat every day... right?... So... what do you eat every day?

1.High Fructose Corn Syrup - That sh*t is in EVERYTHING! It's in Soda, Ketchup, Gum, Candy, Soup, Tomato Sauce, Pickles, Pork n' Beans, Energy Drinks, Chocolate Syrup, Cereal, Bread, Salad Dressing. The list goes on and on. Here is a link to SOME store bought foods containing High Fructose Corn Syrup. Here is a link to SOME fast food items that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. Here are some ways to avoid consuming it.

2. Partially Hydrogenated Oils -
Hydrogenation is the process of heating an oil and passing hydrogen bubbles through it. The fatty acids in the oil then acquire some of the hydrogen, which makes it more dense. If you fully hydrogenate, you create a solid (a fat) out of the oil. But if you stop part way, you get a semi-solid partially hydrogenated oil that has a consistency like butter, only it's a lot cheaper. Because of that consistency, and because it is cheap, it is a big favorite as a butter-substitute among "food?" producers. It gives their products a richer flavor and texture, but doesn't cost near as much as it would to add butter. Note: Until the 1970's, food producers used coconut oil to get that buttery flavor and texture. The American obesity epidemic began when it was replaced with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil -- most often soybean oil.

3. Salt.


We live in a society where we are far removed from our sources of our food. About 95% of food sold at grocery stores comes in packages except of course fresh produce. Since we don't grow, or slaughter any of it we don't know what process it's been through before we find it in our hands. And lets face it... You CAN make time to investigate regardless of your busy life with important things to do. Hahaaaa! :-) Most people don't even realize that the genetic structure of their food has been tampered with, to increase it's size, to perfect its shape, and to make it the ideal color. Fish genes have been spliced into broccoli. People also don't know that the vast majority of their food is being irradiated.
"Just enjoy your life and don't worry about this stuff Goliath! Take a trip to France! Have you been to France!?" That last statement was spoken a few days ago by a Zombie who was posing as a manager at McDonalds,
who wants to eat my brain so I don't use it.

So what is real food?
There is one man who seems to know, and that is Dr. Sebi from Honduras. He did not attend High School or College. He's not even a real doctor... but none of that matters because in 1988 the N.Y. State Supreme Court issued a "not guilty" verdict for a charge brought against him for "Making fraudulent claims of curing diseases", and practicing "medicine" without a "license". The witnesses conditions included AIDS, Diabetes, Sickle-Cell Anemia, Lupus, and Blindness to name a few. Is it possible that this self educated man found a method to cure all disease through real food? I say yes. But you decide for yourself.
(First video Part 6 0f 7 - Second video Part 2 of 9)

Food is supposed to deliver nutrients to your body not JUST act as something that tastes good and fills you up. I do find it relevant to eat food that still has its original and whole genetic structure in tact. The best way to do this is to plant your own food from non modified seeds. If your soil is no good for planting use pots. The second best way is to KNOW where your food is coming from and what processing its been through if any. Nobody knows how eating genetically modified food will effect people in the long run.
(Here is a concise documentary concerning genetic modification and pesticides.)

Genetically Modified Food - Panacea or poison?

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