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These are size "D" batteries. You can put these batteries into any apparatus you want to deliver a source of energy into. Such as a flashlight, a radio, and toys. There are many different brands to choose from. But In any case they have the same function, and serve the same purpose when inside of a machine.

You can also make batteries out of fruits and vegetables, such as lemons, potatoes, and onions to name a few.

But... did you know that humans can also be used as batteries?

The human body can generate about 100watts of power at any given time.
If you assign one person 50 people they can then be called the person in charge. Like a manager, supervisor, or owner. That person can be more or less in control or the overseer of thousands of watts generated from people. What does the person in charge do with all of this energy? It depends on what they are applying the current towards. Retail sales people apply their current to selling you things, and real estate agents apply their current to selling you property. And the whole point of the game is to get more current flowing towards you than you had to expend.

Currency comes from the word "current" as in the current of a river and in this case "electrical current".

Electricity is made of flowing electrons. Despite its great importance in our daily lives. Most of us don't know how electricity works. We just plug in and were on! Many of us have as much understanding of electricity as we do of money, or what is also know as "currency". We just get a paycheck and hand it over to someone else and we get stuff! Stuff like food, candy, rings, rims, medicine, movie tickets, cars, scissors, clothes, and we even pay for water.

But currency also known as money has changed it's shape and dimension over the years. In ancient times rare sea shells and stones were used as currency. These progressed into precious metals such as gold, and standardized coins. In modern times we still use coins, and have added paper money, and the latest addition to currency, is the credit/debit card.

Which requires an electronic device to read it. Since you can't walk into a store and buy something with the electrons flowing through your hand. You need a way to have your electricity validated as worthy by the machine. Weather you have money in your bank account or not. If the machine says "you ain't got none", you may as well stop apologizing to your guests or date at the dinner table cause you're gonna look like a dead beat anyhow. "My electrons are valid I tell you!"

Money is essentially static (frozen) energy that you charge someone for at whatever you said your energy was worth. The value of that money depends on how much everyone around you says its worth. If you fall asleep with a $50 bill in your hand tonight, you can wake up in the morning and have it be worth only $2. That happened here in the U.S. on October 26th, 1929, and it is known as the Great Depression.

Money in America is no longer representing the value of gold. It is simply representing itself. The representative killed the C.E.O. and took the corporation over. Currency is increasingly shedding its paper shell like it once shed it's value in gold, and it's turning into numbers on a screen displayed via electric current.

The most valuable thing on the planet is other people, and natural resources. Without people you could have anything you desired, a prestigious car, designer clothing, and it would mean absolutely nothing. Money is the rudder that directs the current of the people. But, who controls the value of money?
"Give me control over a nations currency and I care not who makes it's laws" -Meyer Amschel Rothschild

Essentially money are only pieces of paper and metals that represent value. It is a DEEP, POWERFUL, and HEAVY spell for an ENTIRE globe to be convinced that currency holds intrinsic value and NOT the materials and people needed for living.
Money is a conduit, a middle man, that is governed by humans and not the forces of nature or emerging necessities of life. Money is a guy sticking himself in the middle of a deal and asking for his cut irrespective to the goods and services.

What machine are you serving as a battery for? And have you followed the current you've invested into it to see where it leads, and how it's affecting the world you live in?

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  1. Energy as currency? It sort of makes sense because whenever I get paid at work, I look at my paycheck and end up saying "Watt? Watt?"

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