Saturday, March 25, 2006

San Francisco Airport

I do not want to live in a building
like a meatloaf in a box
Nor do I want to drive a car
whose price could feed thousands
because I felt like I deserved it

I don’t want to go on chasing carrots
made of pixels and wonder
who I am in the middle of life
to find myself in Paris

I want to make my own
I want to take a seed from my soul
and muster up a crystal
I want to chop down the trees of knowledge
and re-plant a tree of life

I don’t want to wear a watch
like the guy does in the magazine
you know, the watch that tells you that he's smart
scuba diving manly, taking out the trash
Taking care of business
holding his chin upon his thumb
and two fingers to the brow

I want to be a man that you've never seen on T.V.
not like him or her
I want to walk into a party
amongst cologne and watches
razor burn and ties
like whips and shackles
I want to walk into that room and glow with wonder
made of purity of heart

It makes my stomach turn to think about pandoras box
It frightens me I've gone too far and will never find a way
But "A" lead me to "be" and "be" lead me to "see"!

I dont want to be a cop or a marine
chest pumped up with pride
with the confidence of badges
I MUST be doing SOMETHING right!
Every new medal covering my heart
and loved by women who love uniforms
who dont see "boy" hidden in my seams

I dont want to worry anymore about him or her
I dont want to be compassionate and aware
in a world of jagged edges
that pops heart shaped balloons

G. Flores

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